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Introduction & Overview

Ranma Hentai Books has produced numerous new and original full-colour English manga since 2003, and continuing on into the present. Each has their own page with more detailed information.

At the present time, all of the older books (up to and including Brown and with several other non-Ranma themed books produced by third parties) are still available for direct purchase at Deep Star Books, however this bookstore site came very near to shutting down in 2009. The reason being the irregular pattern of sales corresponding poorly to the very regular pattern of the host's fees. To put it another way, sales would skyrocket in a month when a new book was completed, then drop to almost nothing for several months when no new books had been completed, which made paying the site host problematic in the slower months.

The most current, in mid-production, and all future books are available through the Defenders System; a subscription program allowing much more consistant funding to assure the continued production of new original works. Many older books are already achived in the Defender's section of the site, and the remainder will be added over time.

Free Fan-Sponsored Books

(Available for free viewing to all on Ranma Hentai Books main site.)

Books Released via the Bookstore

(Also known as Deep Star Books)

Defenders Books

(Books Completed and released page-by-page through the RHB Defenders System)

Narrative Comics:

RHB Pin-up Collections:

  • Yellow (Featuring Hinako-sensei)
  • Red (Featuring Ranma-chan)