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The Hentai Zone (THZ) is an adult comic spoof of the original Ranma ½ manga. It is available for free viewing on the Ranma Hentai Books website.

There are currently three volumes available as of 2010. A fourth volume is planned for release sometime in 2011.


THZ attempts to approximately follow the plotline of the original Ranma ½ manga... with a decided twist; What if the story took place in the sort of reality most hentai manga and anime seem to exist in? A place where breasts come in D-cup and above? A place where the sex drive of the average teenaged girl makes that of a teenage boy look like a eunuch monk's by comparison? A place where virginity is something that happens to other people... somewhere... or so I've been told?

Most hentai mangas will not give you an explanation as to why reality is so bent in favour of getting otherwise civilized people out of their clothes in so few pages, but THZ won't ask you to completely shut down the left side of your brain to enjoy the fanservice, oh no! Here there IS a sound reason why everyone around is acting so naughty!

THZ is more of a hilarious and sexy spoof of the original manga than it is hardcore porn (more for the giggles than the moans, you might say). It is best enjoyed by those with at least a passing familiarity with the original series, so that one can appreciate all the gags, but there's plenty more to tickle one's sense of absurdity, even for those who haven't read the original.

Given that the original manga ran for 38 volumes, each roughly 12-13 chapters in length, there remains tons of potential to continue THZ for many years to come.

Background & Release

While the colourized version chapter 1 of THZ was sold as a fundraising effort through as were most of RHB's original projects, THZ was otherwise always intended to be free, and still is. The re-release of the first chapter in colour was an attempt to encourage more funding to continue the THZ project, as donations had begun to dwindle.

Beginning in Febuary of 2007, THZ was being released one page a week on weekends for free viewing on the public portion of the RHB site, as the project was being funded entirely on voluntary donations, rather than book sales (for which the profits go towards future original book projects) or Defender subscriptions (which had not begun at the time).

All three completed chapters, 1 + 3 in colour, are available to all for free viewing and download in their own section of the Ranma Hentai Books website. This is made possible by all the loyal Ranma hentai fans who donated to fund it.


THZ: Chapter One

Just as with the original Ranma 1/2 manga, our naughty little tale begins with a panda dragging an angry redhead girl through the rainy streets of Nerima. Of course, some of her anger might have to do with how the panda keeps groping her rear.

At the Tendou home, the girls are a bit more receptive to the idea of a fiance arriving than canon, particularly Nabiki, who makes no pretense about hoping Ranma ("Wild Horse") is as hung as his namesake.

Things proceed somewhat normally from there; Akane invites their shockingly female guest to spar. Of course it's Tendou family tradition to spar topless; the breeze feels so good on her skin.

Once again, Akane walks into the bath expecting a redheaded girl, but findinng a black-haired boy instead. This time, she is... overjoyed! She eagerly starts giving a very confused Ranma what is quite possibly the worst blowjob in history (in between checking her crib notes).

When Ranma can stand no more of this torture, he shoves her off his dick and the scene progresses to the full proper introduction of the slutty Tendou girls to their Jyusenkyo cursed fiance. Ending, as before, with a few poorly chosen words from Ranma and a table-trip to unconsciousness.

Ranma sleeps right through to the next morning (he must have been tired) and awakens to the pleasant feeling of a morning milking, care of whichever of the more competent two Tendou girls can beat the other to it.

Finally, it's time for school, but just before Ranma's dragged off, Akane reveals the deep secret of Furinkan High and surrounding area; the explaination to why everyone around here treats sex as casual as a handshake!

THZ: Chapter Two

The X-rated parody of the original Ranma 1/2 manga continues full-force! Upon arriving at school, Akane faces the now much-more-aptly-named Hentai Horde of boys. She won't be using Tendou Anything-goes martial arts on them today; it's more like Anything-to-Blow-Your-Mind Stripping Arts. If her hands-on sex-skills are atrocious, her temptation and enticement skills are more than enough to make premature ejaculators out of the whole mob

Ranma get's intoduced to Tatewaki Kunou, the biggest pimp in school, who would certainly be able to get some action from this new, looser Akane, if it weren't for his particular... "short cumings". She has an entirely different reason to be fed up with him in THZ.

Ranma also gets to meet his new homeroom teacher, a Hinako Ninomiya who apparently resolved her problem of shrinking into a child by transfering into a school where round holes are all around and constantly being opened for her. She's taken full advantage of her sexy adult shape and ki-charged aggressiveness, thriving in her new job as the school dominatrix and head of the S&M instruction department.

Wacky hijinks unfold as Ranma is thrown to the lions (the man-hungry sluts of his class, who suffer from insatiable appitites and a distinct shortage of studly boys who can keep up with them around). Ranma's own reluctance to participate in this kinky school's curriculum lands him in immediate hot water with Hinako-sensei. In a roundabout way this lands him in cold water too, and Kunou get a chance to greet his gorgeous new love interest with a wet sticky facial.

After expressing her appreciation (burying Kunou in the ceiling) Ranma decides that's all he can take for the day and carries a stark-naked and afterglowing Akane home.

THZ: Chapter Three

This segment of our sticky story begins with Ranma finally giving in to Akane and helping her with her intercourse homework (against his better judgement and survival instincts). It's about as horrible an experience as he expects, though he does live through it. One has to wonder if the canon Ranma would consider Akane's cooking for him as dangerous as the THZ Ranma fears her trying to sex him up. Both may lead to a hospital visit.

The couple arrives at Furinkan the next day to find an old rival of Ranma's, Ryoga, has shown up looking for him. Ryoga's ready to rumble, but is quickly tackled by Furinkan's Starving Wolves (a.k.a. the girls of Furinkan). It's a bit difficult to have a duel to the death when a half dozen girls are climbing all over you and trying to steal your pants.

After a temporary truce, Akane thinks she's found the perfect way to get back at Ranma for refusing to help her practice sex: make this sturdy-looking Ryouga her new "homework buddy". Ryouga doesn't really know what's going on, only that it's pissing Ranma off, so why not run with it? Back in her bedroom, where no innocence and very few men can survive, a tough but very lonely boy isn't going to turn his nose up at ANY affection a cute girl offers him... even when it hurts... oh god it hurts... and eventually Ryoga blacks out from pain.

Akane's scheme seems to have worked though. Ranma is jealous and furious at the thought that Akane might think Ryouga is better in bed than he is (after all, there's a lot of happy sounds coming out of that room, and much fewer screams of agony than he was expecting). In the end, she finds Ranma with a small black piglet dangling from his arm (hanging there by the teeth) and presumes it to be an apology gift from Ranma. She loves how the adorable little porker snuggles into her naked boobs as soon as he's brought to them! She shall hug him and squeeze him and call him Geor-- no wait... P-chan!


The Hentai Zone: Volume 1

Line Art by:

Kevin Karstens

Character colour by:

Pal Comix

Backgrounds & Story by:


Editing by:

Deep Star

The Hentai Zone: Volume 2

Line Art by:

Kevin Karstens (additional art provided by Team Sulca for color version only)

Character colour by:

Team Sulca (confirmed by Deep Star)

Backgrounds by:


Story and Editing by:

Deep Star and SHADE

The Hentai Zone: Volume 3

Line Art and Character colour by:

Pal Comix

Backgrounds by:


Story and Editing by:

Deep Star and SHADE


As a different type of project than the RHB's Original Books (though it is original content) THZ does not have a page on the RHB main site dedicated to advertizing it... mostly due to the fact that it's free to anyone to view. Likewise it's reviews have not been accumulated since there's no need to “See what people are saying about it before you buy” when there is no purchase decision to be made.

Several topics have been made in the RHB's Forums concerning The Hentai Zone project, but the main one begun by the site Admin upon its release is here.


•The cover of The Hentai Zone: Volume 1 is based upon imagery seen in the opening sequence of the legendary t.v. show "The Twilight Zone".

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