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Rivals cover (click for full-size)


Rivals is an original, full-colour English Ranma hentai manga, produced by Ranma Hentai Books, released in February of 2009.

Storyline and Contents

Sample art from the book; click to enlarge.

The Story:

Akane Tendou & Shampoo of the Jyoketsuzoku; two very different girls with one thing in common: each wants Ranma's cock all to herself!

The three of them have been having sex regularly since Midnight Movie Mayhem at least when the girls can manage to stop arguing long enough for Ranma to stick it in somebody. It's gotten out of hand, and Ranma finally cries enough! He's so sick of them fighting with each other (when he'd much rather they be sexing him up) that he tells them both there'll be no sex from him until they can learn to stop fighting.

The message... didn't quite make it through to them. They're both far too competitive to just play nice; they won't be satisfied until one of them is clearly proven the better woman! However since Ranma's mad at them for fighting, clearly a brawl isn't the way to settle this.

The competitors turn to Nabiki, who organizes a contest to test who's the better woman... or woman for Ranma... or sexual partner for Ranma... or most skilled slut... the purpose of the contest gets blurry as event after event ends in a tie and the middle Tendou must keep coming up with new increasingly mind-in-the-gutter events. Why did we let Nabiki choose the events again?

Draw, draw, draw... can either of these rival girls EVER pull ahead of the other? Do they really want to? Some of these so-called “events” are honestly a lot of fun.

Cast & Activities:

Featured Characters (those who have sex in this issue):






Other characters (those not sexually active in this issue):



Character combinations:

Akane + Shampoo

Ranma + Akane + Shampoo

Shampoo + Mousse

Akane + Ryouga

Sexual practices:

Foreplay, Fondling & Fan-service

Blowjob contest

Lesbian competitive sex

Background & Release

Rivals was released in February of 2009. It was sold and distributed online through Deep Star Books. It is NOT YET archived for viewing & download on the RHB Defenders site.

Rivals was conceived as a loose sequel to Midnight Movie Mayhem. Although technically a sequel, it was written to be accessible to new readers and requires no previous knowledge to be enjoyed.

This project suffered from funding issues. Originally seven events were planned for Akane and Shampoo's competition. This was cut down to four events and one tiebreaker.

The race scene also suffered from numerous art mistakes. Some were so severe, that the writers were forced to adjust the script around them.

The author of Rivals, Deep Star, has claimed he is unsatisfied with the final result and has teased a possible "Restored Edition" that would add the missing content and correct other numerous mistakes. It is unclear if this project is still in production after the RHB transitioned into the Defenders System.


Art by:

Pal Comix

Backgrounds by:


Story by:

Deep Star


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•Rivals is the sequel to Midnight Movie Mayhem.

•The two events cut from Rivals were Tennis and Kissing.

•The second x-ray style image in an RHB comic is found on page 1. Ranma's cock is invisible, which allows the viewer to see inside Akane's vagina during intercourse.

•On page 4, Akane and Shampoo engage in a hand game. This is similar to a scene from Midnight Movie Mayhem where the two compete in a game of janken (rock-paper-scissors).

•On page 5, Shampoo says "Go ahead, make Shampoo's day!" This is a paraphrase of the classic Dirty Harry one-liner in the film "Sudden Impact".

•On page 9, Nabiki, referring to Shampoo and Akane's grudge match, uses the tag-line "There can be only one". This is a famous quote from the film "Highlander".

•On page 16, Kasumi claims that Akane's breasts are 36DD, the same size as Shampoo's. In truth, Akane's breasts were slightly smaller than Shampoo's, however Kasumi decided to round up. This is one of the few instances Kasumi tells a lie.

The key to identifying this lie is to consider Kasumi's use of the word "nearly".

Shampoo correctly protests the verdict, claiming that everyone knows that Shampoo's breasts are bigger. Having been caught in a lie, Kasumi visibly sweatdrops. Despite the embarrassment, Kasumi does not admit the truth. Shampoo continues to complain about the "rigged" boob event for several pages.

•On page 31, Akane claims that she has two nymphomaniac sisters who won't leaver her alone. This is a reference to Sister's Night Off.

•Shampoo's sex duel with Akane is a parody of a scene from the film "Princess Bride". Much of the dialog from that scene is paraphrased.However, unlike the film, their duel is a draw.

•On page 36, Akane and Shampoo gasp, "Never give up! Never Surrender!" This is a quote from the film "Galaxy Quest".

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