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Shanghaied cover (click for full-size)


Shanghaied is an original, full-colour English Ranma hentai manga (adult comic); the seventh book produced by Ranma Hentai Books, released in March of 2007.

Storyline and Contents

The Story:

Sample art from the book; click to enlarge.

Shampoo's not having a great day. Ranma came by to eat (free) but gave the cold shoulder to all her come-ons. The Mousse starts blabbing about how he overheard Ranma and Akane having sex in the park during one of his fowl flyovers. Consumed with jealousy, Shampoo turns to her Great-Grandmother. Surely ancient Amazon magic has a way for her to get a bit of what the flat-chested tomboy is apparently enjoying? Of course it does!

The next morning Shampoo wakes up in Akane's body. What should she do first? Sabotage Akane's relationship with Ranma? Horribly disfigure her so no one will find her attractive again? Or do what she REALLY wants, deep down; use this body that her Airen apparently prefers (for some inexplicable reason) to finally get her husband to consummate (if unofficially) her Amazon marriage (which sounds a bit better than “Shampoo want get laid!”) Of course, the best laid plans of mice, men, and hard-up Amazon girls do oft go astray. Pretending to be Akane is a bit tricky, and Ranma's not even coming home for a while. The things Shampoo doesn't know about the Tendou family may end up biting her in the backside (along with a few other double-entendres)! Well, one can hope!

Cast & Activities:

Featured Characters (those who have sex in this issue):





Other Characters (not sexually active in this issue)





Character combinations (in order of screen-time):

Shampoo/Akane + Nabiki

Shampoo + Ranma-kun

Sexual practices:

Masturbation (female)

Coitus (in the masturbation fantasy)

Lesbian sex (with strap-on)

Sisterly incest (in a roundabout and debatable way)

Background & Release

The seventh book from RHB, it was released in March, 2007, sold and distributed online through Deep Star Books. It is now archived for viewing & download on the RHB Defenders site.


Story by:


Character Art by:


Backgrounds by:



Deep Star


A selection of reviews can be found on this book's entry of the Original Projects page of the RHB main site.

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•Pressure had been mounting within the RHB team to create a story that featured Shampoo. However, Deep Star was reluctant to participate in such a project because of bitter feelings regarding the Amazon's sometimes violent and stalker-like depiction towards the end of the original manga series.

TASSET suggested that Shampoo could be believably portrayed with emotional depth and redeeming qualities, along with her inherent personality flaws. Deep Star challenged TASSET to back up this claim and TASSET accepted. Shanghaied was the the result of this challenge.

After finishing the project, Deep Star conceded that there was plenty of interesting potential left for Shampoo's character. This change in attitude was significant in that, without this newfound insight, later projects written by Deep Star and featuring Shampoo, such as Midnight Movie Mayhem and Rivals would have never existed.

•The mirror sequence, featuring Shampoo staring into the mirror and seeing Akane's reflection during sex, was suggested by Deep Star.

•This is the last project written by TASSET as an RHB team member. It is also widely considered to be his best work, a view also shared by its author and the RHB team.

•Shanghaied was, at the time of its release, the most financially successful project created by the RHB. It was not surpassed in sales until I Dream of Akane was released later that same year.

•Deep Star has expressed great admiration for TASSET and credits this story as motivation to improve the quality of RHB stories.

•An unauthorized translation and printing of Shanghaied appeared in an Italian anime magazine two years after its release. Deep Star actively continues to seek a physical copy of it. If anyone has the printing in their possession that they would be willing to part with, he requests that you contact him via email for a reward.

•On page 1, Ranma claims that he is "not really a moviegoer". This line was one of the inspirations for the future comic Midnight Movie Mayhem.

•On page 10, bottom panel, a reflection of Akane was rushed by the art team and of poor quality. A year later, the RHB released a fixed version that was made available for download on the RHB free gallery section.

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