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The Ranma Hentai Wiki is created and maintained by Ranma Hentai Books as a resource to all fans of Ranma hentai.

At its inception, RHW featured extensive information about the RHB's own original works, but the intent has always been, from the beginning, to have RHW be open to additions and modification (excepting the RHB's own pages, which only their staff may modify) by ALL fans. Please feel free to write articles and provide helpful information about various Ranma hentai you discover, research, or produce yourself.

Please also bear in mind the “H” in RHW; this wiki is not intended for the collection of information on the original series. Similarly the “R”; this wiki is not intended for the accumulation of info on hentai material unrelated to Ranma ½.

RHW went live September 16th, 2010. Its primary moderator is Hinoron.