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IDOA cover (click for full-size)


I Dream of Akane (IDOA) is an original, full-colour English Ranma hentai manga (adult comic); the 10th book produced by Ranma Hentai Books, released in July of 2007.

Storyline and Contents

The Story:

Sample art from the book; click to enlarge.

Inspired by the classic 60's sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie, this tale begins with Akane knocking Happosai a little further around the eastern hemisphere than usual for peeping on her. Finding he's landed somewhere in a vast desert, the perverted grandmaster stumbles upon a distinctive old bottle lying amid the sands. The lamp is unoccupied, but conveniently comes with instructions to rectify that problem.

Soon after the eager old coot hotfoots it home to Japan and uses the magic bottle to transform Akane into a genie, (or if you prefer the less hollywood spelling, djinni) complete with harem-girl outfit! Poor Akane is compelled to obey his orders and grant his wishes... at least until Ranma can send the old fart on another trip across the skyline and take the lamp for himself.

Of course now Ranma is Akane's undisputed Master with a capital "M"! Will he abuse his new ability to order her around? Will he wisely use her new wish-granting powers to fix the problems in his life? Will the wishes screw up and backfire mightily?

...Well naturally!

Cast & Activities:

Featured Characters (those who have sex in this issue):




Other characters (those not sexually active in this issue)


Character combinations (in order):

Ranma-kun + Ranma-chan

Ranma-kun + Akane

Sexual practices:

Unwelcome Groping




hertosexual doppelganger self-sex?

Background & Release

The 10th book from RHB, I Dream of Akane was released in July, 2007, sold and distributed online through Deep Star Books. It is NOT YET archived for viewing & download on the RHB Defenders site.


Character Art by:

Pal Comix

Backgrounds by:


Story by:

Deep Star

Many new art techniques were pioneered for the RHB team with this book. More detail to follow with future updates.


A selection of reviews can be found on this book's entry of the Original Projects page of the RHB main site.

You may also wish to peruse the full listing of reviews for this book in the RHB's Forums.


I Dream of Akane is the best selling RHB comic of all time. It has sold so many copies that it's nearest competitor, A Ranma Christmas Story, has only sold two thirds as much.

•Deep Star has admitted that he created I Dream of Akane specifically with mainstream, commercial appeal in mind. Dreamlover had previously flopped, taxing the RHB's financial reserves to the point that Deep Star was forced to infuse 10k dollars of his own money into the RHB projects to keep them in production. However, he knew that the RHB needed to become self sufficient again or else production would ultimately shut down due to lack of funding. It was hoped that a comic featuring traditional, safe pairings such as Akane and Ranma would help fund smaller, more unique projects like Herb Breaks Through.

The plan was a success, and from this point on, the RHB would release several mainstream products followed by one niche project routinely. This afforded the RHB team the ability to explore third tier characters such such as Herb and Nodoka without the fear of running out of funding due to the lower sales expected from comics focusing on minor Ranma characters with smaller fan bases.

•The original title of this comic was Three Wishes: I Dream of Akane. The title was later shortened towards the end of production.

•When I Dream of Akane was first released on Deep Star Books, the work print was accidentally uploaded to the download server instead of the intended final version. This work print featured many dialog differences compared to the final release, particularly in the case of the penultimate sex scene.

The error was quickly corrected the next day and the RHB have discouraged fans from requesting the original version. Deep Star has been quoted as saying, "The work print of IDOA was never intended for release and is of inferior quality to the finished product. It is not the vision that we intended to share and we ask that our fans respect our decision to bar distribution of the work print."

In recent times, Deep Star's stance on the subject has softened, and he has expressed willingness to release the work print with Defenders as bonus art.

•On page 1, the coordinates of N40°, E102° correspond to The Badain Jaran Desert of Northern China.

•The modified genie outfit that Akane wears was designed by artist Kevin Karstens and Deep Star. It was conceived to be a sexier version of the same outfit worn by Barbara Eden in the television show "I Dream of Jeannie".

•On page 2, the genie bottle that Happosai discovers is the same one used on I Dream of Jeannie. Although it seems a unique shape at first glance, in actuality this container was merely an old Jim Beam bottle with painted decals. On page 14, Ranma observes the bottle and points this fact out to Akane.

•On page 5, while being turned into a genie by the dastardly Happosai, Akane finds her wrists are suddenly bound by gold clamps. This is a symbol of indentured status as a genie.

The visual device was a tribute to the Robbin Williams' Genie character as seen in the film "Aladdin".

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