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RCS cover (click for full-size)


A Ranma Christmas Story (RCS) is an original, full-colour English Ranma hentai manga (adult comic). It was the 14th book produced by Ranma Hentai Books, released in December of 2007.

Storyline and Contents

The Story:

Sample art from the book; click to enlarge.

As Cologne will complain on page 2, Happosai drugging the entire Christmas party with aphrodisiacs, resulting in one giant, uninhibited orgy, is not very original. Happosai's defence that he is perfecting a classic may be debatable, but the point that such orgy stories are seen over and over in Ranma Fanfiction and ero manga because people enjoy them, is not.

The RHB team provides a new evolution to that old, sticky saw, at the same time as they spoof the canon Christmas Party episode; in full colour, high resolution and clear, original English (as opposed to an iffy translation from Japanese). There will be many gags, puns and ironies; much skin, sex, and stickiness; many rarely-seen characters, unexpected 'partnerships', and more complicated combinings than you can shake a dildo at!

A very Merry F---ing Christmas from the RHB team.  ;)

Cast & Activities:

Featured Characters (those who have sex in this issue):

Presumably everyone, from a very large guest list; however, those who actually do so “on-screen” so to speak, even if only in a single panel:

The Tendou Family (Soun, Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane, plus Natsume & Kurumi)

The Saotome Family (Ranma (both bodies), Genma, Nodoka)

The Kunou Family (“Kunou” Tatewaki, Kodachi)

The Chinese Amazons (Shampoo, Mousse, Ling-ling & Lung-Lung)

Others (Ryouga, Ukyou, Hinako-sensei, Dr. Tofu, Herb-chan, Azusa Shiratori, Mariko Konjo, The Gambler King)

Other Characters (not sexually active in this issue)

Happosai & Cologne (Thank goodness, not that the former didn't try)

Character combinations:

Many & Varied

Sexual practices:

A Massive orgy under the influence! Featuring, but not limited to:

Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes!

Lesbianism, incestuous and otherwise!

Exhibitionism, Voyeurism... in fact, a 5-girl lesbian sex performance on stage capped with a massive bukkake shower!

Background & Release

The 14th book from RHB, A Ranma Christmas Story was released in December 2007, sold and distributed online through Deep Star Books. It is NOT YET archived for viewing & download on the RHB Defenders site.


Art by:

Pal Comix

Backgrounds by:


Story by:

Deep Star


A selection of reviews can be found on this book's entry of the Original Projects page of the RHB main site.

You may also wish to peruse the full listing of reviews for this book in the RHB's Forums.


•The narrative poem is a parody of the holiday classic "A Visit from St. Nicholas".

•On page 2, Cologne scolds Happosai for "drugging the guests again". This is a reference to Misadventures of P-chan. However, it remains unclear if Cologne is aware of those events, or if this is merely a trick that Happosai has used many, many times in the past.

•Ranma is wearing the same blue Chinese shirt that Kasumi made for him in Keeping It Clean. This is the same shirt later featured in the first OVA opening credit sequence.

•On page 11, Kasumi gives Ukyo a very special Christmas gift- her very own Mr. Big.

Mr. Big is an enormous dildo that was first seen in Dreamlover. The gift was a memento of the night Kasumi and Ukyo spent together.

Like the Giant Pencil, Mr. Big sometimes shows up in RHB comics, but never sports the same visual appearance twice.

•On page 12, Nodoka thanks Ms. Hinako for helping Ranma improve his grades. This is a reference to the events of Private Tutor Hinako.

•On page 17, Azusa mistakes Happosai for an Oompa Loompa. This is a reference to the classic film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".

•Page 19 is the only orgy image that the RHB has ever produced for a comic. It features an astonishing 22 characters!

•On page 26, Shampoo holds a strap-on dildo and claims that she will "play the boy now". This is a reference to Shanghaied where Shampoo was on the receiving end of a strap-on dildo while having lesbian sex.

•On page 30, Herb claims that she has been waiting for three months to extract payback on Ranma.

This is a reference to the events of Herb Breaks Through released three months prior to Ranma Christmas Story.

•On page 32, DoCo reunites for their only professional appearance in an RHB comic. DoCo has previously appeared in the Christmas OVA episode.

Since they can't sing due to the limitations of the comic medium, they have sex instead. To date, not a single complaint has been filed over this substitution.

•Page 36 features the only "daisy chain" depicted in an RHB comic.

•Ranma Christmas Story was designed to be a big celebration of all RHB comics released up until this point in time. This is why it features numerous references to previous work. It is not meant to be read out of chronological order as many lines of dialog will not make sense without knowledge of previous comics.

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