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Kasumi's Secret cover (click for full-size)


Kasumi's Secret is an original, full-colour English Ranma hentai manga (adult comic); the ninth book produced by Ranma Hentai Books, released in June of 2007.

Storyline and Contents

The Story:

Sample art from the book; click to enlarge.

Narrated in her own words, Kasumi's Secret tells the story of how she caught Ranma and Nabiki having sex, but rather than acting guilty about getting caught, the pair didn't even slow down! Cruelly manipulative Nabiki instead emotionally blackmails poor Kasumi into distracting Akane from finding out, while the two of them have their fun. Heartbroken over how poor Akane's sister and fiance are betraying her trust, Kasumi tries to help Akane feel a little bit of joy as they share a bath together. Nabiki strides in to the bath just as they finish, shamelessly sporting the semen of her sister's fiance dribbling down her thighs. Good thing Akane didn't notice.

Twice more poor Kasumi will be roped into being the distraction while Ranma and Nabiki do their dirty deeds, and again she will use her body to become the ultimate distraction. Nabiki and Ranma are dragging her down into a world of sex, debauchery and wickedness where nice girls like Kasumi were raised better than to go.

What is going on in this house, and why? Is their any light at the end of this tunnel of corruption for Kasumi? Or were all her tears wasted?

Cast & Activities:

Featured Characters (those who have sex in this issue):








Character combinations (in order):

Ranma-kun + Nabiki

Kasumi + Akane

Kasumi + Ryouga

Kasumi + Soun + Genma

Kasumi + Ranma-kun + Nabiki + Akane

Sexual practices:

Lesbian sex



Group sex

Incest (non-procreative father-daughter)


Background & Release

The ninth book from RHB, Kasumi's Secret was released in June, 2007, sold and distributed online through Deep Star Books. It is NOT YET archived for viewing & download on the RHB Defenders site.


Character Colour by:


Lineart by:

God of Chaos

Story and backgrounds by:


Editing by:

Deep Star


A selection of reviews can be found on this book's entry of the Original Projects page of the RHB main site.

You may also wish to peruse the full listing of reviews for this book in the RHB's Forums.


•Kasumi's Secret is notable for being the most narrative-driven comic the RHB has ever produced.

•SHADE has stated that this comic is not related to any other RHB comic. The events of Kasumi's Secret take place in their own continuity. Barring a future sequel, no RHB comics will reference it.

•Soun Tendo has sex with his own daughter, Kasumi, in this comic.

This is not the first time he has engaged in incest. Soun previously enjoyed intercourse with Nabiki in The Misadventures of P-chan.

Akane is the only one of Soun's daughters he has not had sex with. However, Akane has engaged in incest with her sisters numerous times, including Kasumi in this very comic.

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