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  • Access to all our Ranma art.
  • Fan Requests that allow up to THREE Ranma characters.
  • Fan Requests that allow crossover characters from another anime. For example, you could request a pinup with Belldandy from OMG! and Ryoga! Or a three-way between Akane, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury! ^_^
  • Crossover Fan Requests with three characters MUST feature at least one female Ranma character involved in the action. This is to ensure the crossover request will have something that appeals to the majority of the RHB audience.
  • Highest Commission priority. You can’t be placed on the wait list, but other Champion commissions we received before yours will be produced first as well as any commissions already in production.
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4. We’re the last ones left carrying the torch for Ranma Hentai!

The Ranma franchise is now over 29 years old. All of the doujinshi circles that produce Ranma Hentai content are long gone, but Ranma Hentai Books soldiers on with new content every week!

A lot of new anime fans have never seen or even heard of Ranma 1/2. If you love Ranma Hentai the way we do, we need your support to help keep the dream alive and ensure that more Ranma Hentai is being made for years to come! That’s what it means to be a Ranma Hentai Defender!

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Before Ranma Hentai Books existed, before even the old Ranma Hentai Gallery website, we were anime fans just like you and had memberships with other adult websites. We saw firsthand how some employed cheap tactics like forcing people to jump through a million hoops before they could cancel their subscriptions.

You’ll get none of that crap here at the RHB! We offer a one month, trial account that won’t automatically renew. If you decide that our website is not for you, there’s nothing you need to do. Your trial account will simply expire on its own at the end of the month. And if you pick a longer subscription option that does renew, canceling is as simple as a few button clicks!

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Available Now!

  • 2500+ pages in the Fan Requests gallery and 910+ pages in the Specials gallery! All art is new and made exclusively for Ranmabooks.com!
  • Multiple exclusive Ranma Hentai pages are released each week! Ranma Hentai Books has been in continuous operation since 2009, with over a decade spent serving its community!
  • We have over 45 COMPLETED COMICS for a total of 2170 pages and counting available for viewing! There are always new comics in production as well that run for a period of time and then alternate with other projects to offer readers a wide variety of characters and stories. Read on for a preview of our recent comic projects!

Man Among Women Banner

Ranma-chan returns to Jusenkyo looking for a cure and discovers that the cursed pools have a big surprise for her… but she didn’t come alone! Nodoka is in tow and eager to see her “son” increase his manhood!

The contents of this comic include:

  • Starring Ranma, Akane, Nodoka, Nabiki along with Ranma’s entire harem!
  • Fetishes include: Futanari, Lesbian, Jusenkyo Curse Magic & Mega Harem.
  • As of 2023, this comic is finished with 32 completed pages!

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the links below to see the original preview mini-tage and the full-size montage!

Man Among Women Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the link below to see the full-size montage!

MAWM Montage
MAWM Montage

Ukyo's Bizarre Adventure Banner

One of our most gender and genre-bending comics yet!

Starring Ukyo as the Dimensional Hopping Agent on a sexy mission which will push beyond her boundaries and outer limits!

  • Also Featuring: Ryoga (male AND female), Copycat Ken and Tsubasa in a starring role!
  • Volume 1 has finished with 29 completed pages!
  • Science Fiction!
  • Bondage Sex!
  • Monster Sex!
  • Pegging Cuties!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover:

UBA Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the link below to see the full-size montage!

UBA Montage

Amazon Banner

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the disciples of Happosai, there was an age undreamed of!

And unto this, Akane, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Nerima upon a troubled brow! Betrayed from within, her Kingdom’s only hope is the purple barbarian from across the sea!

Journey with us now to the days of High Adventure!

The contents of this comic (so far!) include:

  • Starring Shampoo as the Amazon on the hunt for a worthy mate with supporting cast including: Kasumi, Ukyo, Akane, Minions Kikuko and Ryonami, and the wicked sorceress looking to screw them all, Nabiki!
  • Two Chapters Complete! 25 total pages!
  • High Fantasy
  • Magic
  • Monster Sex!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover:

Amazon Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the link below to see the full-size montage!

Amazon Montage

Queen of the Ring Banner

Nabiki accepts the challenge from a rival club! There’s profit in the wind… but only if she can convince her chosen fighter that it’s not a stinky deal!

There’s no way Akane would accept, until she learns the identity of the challenger, a mysterious woman of Shampoo’s Amazon tribe called Lo Xian (Lotion).

Lotion’s tactics involve fewer broken walls, and more broken rules! A well known cheater, she combines an utter lack of morality with chemical persuasion to drive even the chaste Akane into a delirious haze of lust!

The contents of this comic (so far!) include:

  • Starring Akane as the boxer, training for redemption! Supporting cast including: Ranma-chan, Shampoo, and introducing Amazon Nemesis Lo Xian (Lotion) who’s going to push Akane beyond her limits in every way!
  • Two Chapters Complete! 20 total pages!
  • Boxing- in High Heels!
  • Lesbian: Lo Xian & Akane plus Ranma-chan & Akane with Shampoo watching! O.O
  • Lust inducing potion- make that lotion!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover:

Queen of the Ring Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the link below to see the full-size montage!

Queen of the Ring Montage


In this tale of desperate longing, Ukyo creates an irresistible recipe that has Ucchan’s chef and patrons developing a taste for decadence! With both her shop and body now in hot demand, how far will Ukyo go to breed success?

The contents of this comic (so far!) include:

  • Starring Ukyo Kuonji with Supporting Cast Including Ranma and
  • An Exploration of Ukyo’s “Side Gig” as a Shinto Miko
  • Body Transformation Fetish Kami & Oni (think Angel & Devil)!
  • Food Fetish!
  • Demon Sex!
  • 21 total pages!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover:

TSoUS Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the links below to see the original preview mini-tage and the full-size montage!

The Secret of Ukyo's Sauce Minitage
TSoUS Montage


RHB supporters who subscribe to the Paladin or Champion tier are granted their own wish: FAN REQUESTS! (Paid Commissions are possible too for Defenders.)

Let us know what steamy Ranma Hentai action you want to see, and by genie magic- er, really hard work- we’ll make it for you! Within some reasonable limits of course. Full details can be found on our forums HERE!

And rest assured, we’ll always give our best effort to fulfill your vision! Here are some of the recently completed Fan Request pinups:


Fan Request Montage

Naughty Bits

Naughty Bits is a new comic format we created to tell funny, sexy stories that are too good for the single image format of a pinup, but that also don’t necessarily support a full comic on the subject.

Think of Naughty Bits as a comic series of one-offs and short stories. The flexibility allows us to include less prominent Ranma characters, not just popular gals like Shampoo. Thus far, Naughty Bits has already spotlighted comics with skating princess Azusa, Black Rose Kodachi, pig loving Akari, royally picky Herb, and even hyper cheerleader Mariko! And we’re just scratching the surface, the depth of the Ranma female cast is formidable!

Best of all, RHB Paladins and Champions can commission a Naughty Bits comic page! Now you can turn your stories into reality with the help of the RHB team! ^_^

Below you’ll find art from some recently completed Naughty Bits comics:

Naughty Bits Montage


Pretty pictures are great, of course, but we know that many of you want something to stimulate your brain as well as your loins! That’s why most of our art features dialog. The only thing better than sexy art is HILARIOUS sexy art! Here are some examples of typical Ranma Hentai updates with text! Click to expand the art!

Writing Sample 1 Writing Sample 2

And for those of you who like their art unencumbered or to imagine your own dialog, we also release a text-less version of each page to go side by side with the dialog version! You’ll get the best of both worlds!


The RHB has produced over 42 Ranma comics and counting! Here’s a look at some of our recently completed projects!

A Ghost for Christmas Present Banner

Ranma-chan takes center stage for a XXXmas family reunion where she’ll discover the Ghost of Mrs. Tendo has grown so insatiable that she can no longer settle for a yearly Halloween bedroom haunting!

Now the randy redhead must use every inch of her talent and body to satisfy the spirit of the season!

The contents of this comic (so far!) include:

  • Starring Ranma-chan, Mrs. Tendo, and Soun Tendo!
  • Fetishes include: Ghost Sex, Possession & Romance.
  • As a bonus, we’ve also remastered Mrs. Tendo’s previous comic appearances, “The Haunting of Tendo House”! THoTH is now available in near Ultra High Definition and can be read in the Mother Tendo Chronicles Gallery along with the current comic, which is now complete!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover:

A Ghost for Christmas Present Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the link below to see the full-size montage!

A Ghost for Christmas Present Montage


The long awaited continuation of our alternate reality Ranmaverse is
finally here: The Hentai Zone 4!

UPDATE: THZ4 is finished. THZ5 will conclude the story and begin release in 2025.

When last we left our characters, P-chan had been gifted to Akane as her new pet “Pervert Chan”! But having a “pet” proves to be more trouble than expected- especially when that pet is secretly Ryoga in disguise- and Akane wants to do a whole lot of HEAVY petting!

But the troubles aren’t only at home as our gang is unprepared for the challenges they will face at Furinkan: The Academy of Carnal Arts! Akane is as sexually inept as ever, while Ranma remains naive and reluctant to embrace the “school spirit”! With Midterms approaching, their teacher and dominatrix, Mistress Hinako Ninomiya, is “drilling them” for the myriad naughty acts they’re expected to perform as future porn stars! Which sounds amazing, until one realizes that Nerima’s skin trade is controlled by the corrupt Kunos, who exploit this campus as if it were their very own sexual playground!

In order to defeat the Kunos, Ranma must learn to fight without fists, embracing the full potential of his girl-side… and the people who lust after the hot redhead!

This is still the world of Ranma, but not as you know it! Secrets
will be revealed! Events will shift the landscape and fates of our Ranma
gang in previously unseen directions!

The contents of this comic include:

  • A Huge Ensemble Cast!
  • Earth-shattering Changes to the Status Quo for our Characters and their Relationships!
  • Bathing Fetish!
  • Classroom Fetish!
  • Bondage Fetish!
  • Group Sex!
  • Martial Arts Battles!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover:

THZ4 Cover

The New Face of Furinkan:

Even in the THZ Universe, there’s still a Kuno calling the shots at school- but it’s not Tatewaki! The new Big Kahuna is his MOTHER, Kumicho Kuno, Principal of Furinkan!

THZ4 Cover

Want a Skintastic Sneak Peek? Click on the links below to see the full-size Montages!

THZ4 Montage THZ4 Montage

Double Vision

In this mini-comic, the lines of right and wrong get very blurry for Ranma-chan… and for us… when Happosai unlocks Ranma’s potential in martial arts and LUST! O.O

The contents of this mini include:

  • Ranma & Not Yet Seen On RHB Mystery Pairing Happosai!
  • A revamped background set of Ranma’s room!
  • Martial Arts Technique Fueled Sex!
  • Overwhelming Desire / Breaking Fetish!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover and montage:

DV Cover DV Montage

Laundry Day

A spiritual sequel to “Keeping It Clean”, this mini-comic explores how Kasumi Tendo balances work and play on Laundry Day! She’ll be doing plenty of loads- and taking her fair share as well. Ahhh, sweet domestic bliss! ^_-

The contents of this mini include:

  • Kasumi & Ranma shipping!
  • A revamped background set of Ranma’s room!
  • Exhibitionist/Getting Caught fetish!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover and montage:

LD Cover LD Montage

Queen of the Grill

Place your orders! Ukyo is serving up a lot more than her delicious okonomiyaki in this sizzling book which pushes our favorite chef into a whole new frontier: stripping!

Queen of the Grill is our first showcase book which primarily focuses on Ranma and Ukyo’s relationship. As the title suggests, the comic takes place in the Queen of the Night universe, a two-part story we released on Deep Star Books back in 2008 (and remastered in 2015, see below). While Queen of the Grill won’t pick up immediately after the conclusion of Queen of the Night, it will be set some considerable length of time after the events of the previous books.

If you haven’t read Queen of the Night yet, please consider checking that out as it’s now archived on our website in a new, shiny, upgraded Definitive Edition!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover and montage:

Queen of the Grill Cover Queen of the Grill Montage

Sweet Oblivious

On a blistering hot evening with nothing to do, Akane prods a lethargic Ranma to spend time with her- in the bathtub!

Like The Moe Idol, this is a short and sweet project featuring wet ‘n wild lesbian and boy/girl action!

Sweet Oblivious is now COMPLETE and can be read in its entirety!

Click on the link below to see the full-size cover and montage.

Sweet Oblivious Cover
Sweet Oblivious Montage

The Moe Idol

When Ranma learns that she’s been displaced by an adorable transfer student as Furinkan’s hottest babe, our favorite redhead must decide how far she’ll go to get back on top! What will she do? Or rather, WHO will she do?! ^_-

The Moe Idol is COMPLETE and can now be read in its entirety!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover and montage:

The Moe Idol Cover
The Moe Idol Montage

The Platinum Pair

2014 was an Olympic year, and even though the Winter Games have come and gone, Azusa Shiratori’s are just heating up! But if the collector of all things cute is going to win a medal, she’ll have to overcome the loss of her partner Mikado! And adding to Azusa’s troubles, her new skating partner is Ranma “can’t stop” Saotome!

Ranma and Azusa have been adversaries in the past, but they’ll have to put their disdain for one another aside and forge a relationship- both on and off the ice! Think of this comic as the “The Cutting Edge” of the Ranmaverse, only with sex! ^_-

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover and montage:

The Platinum Pair Cover
The Platinum Pair Montage

The Scout, the Witch, and the Warrior

No, this isn’t a Narnia parody, but there is plenty of fantasy fun to be had! In this outing, our characters participate in a roleplaying game! Ranma plays the Scout, Akane the Witch, and Ryoga the Warrior. Place your bets on who will come out on top!

Click on the links below to see the full-size cover and montage:

SWW Cover
SWW Montage

Summer Moon

This comic is unquestionably the largest, most impressive project we’ve ever tackled! It took 4 years of planning, over an additional year in active release on the website, thousands of hours of toiling from the team, but the result is a whopping 125 pages of arguably our best art ever! No boast!

And, for the first time in RHB history, this comic is formatted for 1080p screens! That’s right, we’ve gone widescreen to accommodate Summer Moon’s huge cast!

In fact, Summer Moon features almost the entire main Ranma cast in action making it a true ensemble book. There are five major sex scenes, including an orgy the likes of which we haven’t dared since “A Ranma Christmas Story” back in 2007! But there’s more than great nookie in this tale! We have beach volleyball, love triangles, island adventure, and even martial arts action that has been largely absent in our comics for far too long. Our goal was to make Summer Moon feel like it could have been a naughty, uncut episode of the Ranma anime we all love and we hope you’ll enjoy it as such! ^_^

Samples Below! Click on the cover to visit the Summer Moon project page or click on the three montages (yes, this book is so crazy large it has THREE preview montages!) for an expanded view of the beautiful art in this comic!


I Dream of Ranma-chan

This epic comic fulfills a long-held fantasy of many of our fans. Based on our classic book I Dream of Akane, Ranma is turned into a genie by a magic video game and is forced to serve a perverted master who has some naughty wishes in mind!

I Dream of Ranma-chan is part whacky video game adventure, part magical girl comedy, part cosplay treasure, but it’s ALL hotter than the Sahara Desert!

Samples Below! Click on the cover to visit the I Dream of Ranma-chan project page or click on the montages for an expanded view of the beautiful art in this comic!

IDORC Montage 1
IDORC Montage 2

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

You can read about all our Ranma Comics by clicking on the montage below and visiting our Projects page!

Projects Page

Notes for the Future

And that, at very long last, is the end of our preview and tour!

Beyond all this, we’ve got plans for loads more! More stories! More specials! More Fan Requests! Just plain more Ranma Hentai!

So for all those who have signed up so far, THANK YOU! We hope you’ll be entertained and stay with us for all the beautiful art we’ll make each and every week!

For those of you who have yet to join, we hope that you will! The amount of content available at Ranma Hentai Books is HUGE and getting bigger all the time! ^_^

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Thanks for reading and for your support! Our site cannot exist without you. Each and every one of you is very important to us! Our future is in your hands!