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Summer Moon

Preview & Book Details

This comic is unquestionably the largest, most impressive project we've ever tackled! It took 4 years of planning, over an additional year in active release on the website, thousands of hours of toiling from the team, but the result is a whopping 125 pages of arguably our best art ever! No boast!

And, for the first time in RHB history, this comic is formatted for 1080p screens! That's right, we've gone widescreen to accommodate Summer Moon's huge cast!

In fact, Summer Moon features almost the entire main Ranma cast in action making it a true ensemble book. There are five major sex scenes, including an orgy the likes of which we haven't dared since “A Ranma Christmas Story” back  in 2007! But there's more than great nookie in this tale! We have beach volleyball, love triangles, island adventure, and even martial arts action that has been largely absent in our comics for far too long. Our goal was to make Summer Moon feel like it could have been a naughty, uncut episode of the Ranma anime we all love and we hope you'll enjoy it as such! ^_^

Here's a peek inside this massive book, so crazy large it has not one but THREE preview montages!

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