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Welcome to Ranma 3D

Why does this section exist and what am I doing with it?

Therein lies a bit of a story, not too long though.

I've been messing around with some light 3D stuff for ages as an assistant to my 2D artwork. Figuring out god awful complicated background stuff, and using some character things as a kind of live nude model that will stay still for 5 hours and who I don't have to pay to get her out of her clothes. ^_-

Now most of the 3D stuff I did was in the realm of 2D assistance for complicated stuff, and it all looked pretty crude and crappy cause it was not in and of itself meant to be a final product. But over time I've learned more about how the program works, and have been slowly improving the quality of the creations I've made using it, not so much that I ever intended to show any of it on the site, but mainly for my own amusement cause I personally think they're gorgeous. They make a nice personal amusement to break up the huge amounts of work I've been doing on the new art projects with some silly fun stuff.

After messing around with it for so long though, I've finally gotten up to a point where the creations I've made using it, I feel anyway, look pretty damn good. I'm no Pixar to be sure, and you shouldn't look at anything I've made with that comparison in mind, because I'll never be that good and I'm not really trying to be, but as just for fun stuff I think it's great.
I've shared these privately with quite a few people and I've gotten extremely polarized reactions to them. Some people find them just too different, and can't get into them, and others absolutely flippin' love them. Figuring that I'll encounter the same general proportion of people among the general site fans, I still felt it worthwhile to post the finer work I've done, since some people are bound to like it, even if some can't get into it.

So in this section I'm going to share those 3D creations I feel are worthy to share. So far I've really only got one big movie that I really went all out on making good. Most of the other stuff are still pics and motion tests that aren't really as compelling, so they might be along later, or not, depending on people's reactions to the first big movie.

The first movie is entitled Mousse Truce. I've got some more notes on that specifically, but I'll put those on the page with the movie.

Movie #1: Mousse Truce


These are galleries of 3D images and animations created by myself and others with whom I have shared my models

SHADE's Gallery

BCD's Gallery

Rat Bastard's Gallery

3DJunkie's Gallery

Fan Requests

This is a series of images and short animations, created in response to a request by BCD.

Nabiki & Ranma-chan in the Bath

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