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Ranma 3D: Mousse Truce

Alrighty here we go with the first 3D hentai movie that I feel is show worthy. Main characters are Shampoo and Mousse, with a surprise guest appearance at the end. The movie is 2 minutes 24 seconds, encoded in DivX 5.1, same as the OOC Anime Trailer was.

The movie comes in two versions. Lo-res and Hi-definition video. The low-res is 320 x 240 at 300k data rate. About on par with a regular TV signal or a bit less, it's a quite manageable 5 megs or so. The Hi-definition video version is 1024 x 768 at 4000k data rate, on par or better than hi-definition TV. THAT one is a beastly 70 megs.

Just below are two screencaps of the same frame from the movie. The small one is from the low-res movie, and the big one from the hi-def movie. These are not production stills, but are actual screencaps from the compiled movie, so the entire video will look as good as the corresponding screencap.

Actual size of low-res video

Actual size of High-Definition video

The low res movie is going to be posted free for all to download and enjoy. It's only 5 megs so the RanmaBooks server can handle that bandwidth with ease, not really any bigger than a modest dojinshi post. This is the complete movie. Other than being small and relatively low quality compared to the big one, nothing else has been done to it. Here's the link for you to pick it up:

Mousse Truce: Low-res Movie Download Link

Now the Hi-def Video is a more complicated issue. It's just too big to post publically. The traffic of thousands of people trying to get it all at once would kill our system.

So, the full-size, hi-res video is only available to members of the RHB Defenders. If you are a member, you can download the file from the below link with your normal user name and password.

Mousse Truce: Hi-res Movie Download for Defenders

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this new experimental movie approach. Either on the message board or by email. Related to that, I don't really have any ideas right now on what the next movie should be, so by all means make suggestions! Preferably on the message boards so everyone can weigh in on the various ideas. If there's one that seems to be super popular, you can bet if it's at all possible within my technical limitations, I'll try to make it.

Enjoy! :D

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