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This board does not reflect how often we update. The Members Area of our website updates every weekday with a new page of RHB art without fail.


Hello again all! Been busy working away on Defenders, doing some of our best work ever there, but been rather badly neglecting the public site, sorry.

Do have some submissions built up, so here they are!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 33 new pics! Sgt Klark: 29 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Hello all!

Been a while, but got more donated pics to share!

Artist Galleries:

Ba4Ever: 2 new pics. Darkone: 37 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Hello all again! Once again with the insanely late public page update I should've done months ago. Thanks again to DarkOne for his continued donations and extreme patience with my tardy updates. ^^;

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 36 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Hello all! Wildly overdue update of the public artist galleries! Sorry to Dark One who waited so long.

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 29 new pics!

Sgt Klark: 4 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Happy Day Late for Halloween everyone! Meant to do this yesterday as Dark One included a halloween theme pic. But considering how slow I am about this normally, ONLY a day late is kind of progress. ^^;

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 9 new pics!

Sgt Klark: 13 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 23 new pics.

Sgt Klark: 1 new pic

Thanks for reading and for your support!




Defender's authentication is temporarilly broken, blocking access to Defender's. We're aware of the problem and doing all we can to resolve it, but it's not on our end so it involves contacting external support and getting them to fix their stuff. We'll have it sorted out as fast as we can!

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: Seems to be fixed! WOOT!

Artist Galleries:

Seems a good time to do some long overdue updating of the donation galleries. Sorry to the artists who waited so long!

Darkone: 18 new pics.

New Artist Added! First in ages:

Sgt Klark: 33 pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 5 new pics (warning: Lolicon content)



Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 1 new pic



Hi all! Quick update for a donation!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 6 new pics!

Going to try really hard to post his pics as soon as he sends them in. I used to let them pile up for a while in hopes that others would donate too and I could do a package update, but no other donations have come in for ages (sadness), so it's become silly to wait.

Ah well, at least our work on Defenders is going well. The new comic Queen of the Grill is coming together as awesome as I had hoped! Hope everyone is enjoying it. ^_^

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Heyo all!

Merchant account stuff is all fixed, everything working correctly again, yay!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 29 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Critical Update:

Our Merchant Account made some upgrades which aren't playing nice with our aMember software (and they did not warn of us of these upgrades either -_-).

Server maintenance will be required on our part, but we won't be able to complete it right away. Until further notice, subscriptions and renewals have been temporarily disabled.

We hope to have the subscription/renewal problem resolved by this weekend, very sorry for the inconvenience!



Sorry it's been so long on public updates. Had some things that needed organizing before I could post them, and I still haven't done it, but poor DarkOne has waited more than long enough for his work to be shared so as those are easy to organize up they go!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 30 new pics! (sorry, again, for the long delay in posting!)

Thanks for reading and for your support!




Another long gap between public site updates, sorry. -_-

Been crazy busy, and it's taken a while to get some donations to post. So without further delay, let's have at it!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 45 new pics! (sorry for the long delay in posting man)

Juggle: A whopping 167 pics!

Not all of these are hentai but he wanted to share them with everyone so here they all are. ^_^

Thanks for reading and for your support!



Greetings from your friendly Ranma Hentai loving webmaster!

Ranma Hentai Books has recently undergone a major upgrade with the aim of improving the viewing experience of our community members on mobile and tablet devices. We know that an increasing number of people are choosing to view art on this website with such devices, you've asked us to improve, and we're doing our best to meet that challenge.

For those of you who still prefer to view our art on desktop devices (your webmaster included), don't fret, the benefits of the new website should improve your viewing experience as well. ^_^

Below you can read the list of changes made:

Website Changes:

*A pure CSS menu with easy to press buttons and drop down boxes for cleaner presentation and brisk navigation. Additionally, the menu has been moved from the side of the page to the top.

*A new logo that takes up less space. The members login icon has also been replaced with a cute P-chan graphic.

*An image slider that will preview the recent projects being worked on by the RHB, including Comics, Fan Requests, and specials.

*The gray content box outset has been replaced by a ridge framing pattern.

*Background art for some pages of the website.

*The background color is slightly warmer.

*Gallery selection pages with icons for each section.

*Various art changes for navigation icons throughout the website.

While this is an important step forward for the RHB, it's not the last one we'll take. We remain committed to improving the design of our website and welcome all feedback about the new design.

On behalf of the RHB team, thanks for reading and for your continued support of Ranma Hentai!

Deep Star



Another ludicrously long gap between public site updates, sorry. :(

But finally getting it done! Thanks as always to those few who still donate, and sorry it took me so long to get around to uploading.

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 40 new pics! (Once again, word of warning some of the new batch contain beastiality, if that isn't your thing careful to check the thumbnails).

Lost Girl: 1 new pic.

Onna20: 2 new pics.

Retro Raul: 10 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support!




Man, FIVE MONTHS since I updated the general galleries last.

Been a crazy busy time. Our most epic comic ever, Summer Moon, really was all consuming trying to complete it, which we've finally done! WOO! The final pages will be along very soon, so if you were waiting for it to be done to see the whole thing, now's the time, as we're just about there. ^_^

Despite how long it's been it's been quite thin on donations. Pretty much just the rock of fan donations, Darkone. Thanks as always for contributing man! I wouldn't have much of anything to share without him.

And on with the update!

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 32 new pics! (word of warning some of the new batch contain beastiality, if that isn't your thing careful to check the thumbnails).

Lost Girl: 1 new pic.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Wow I haven't updated the public page since MAY. O_o I really need to do that this month. But that's not what this is about!

As part of the super huge important big deal mega-ness that is our switching to a new membership management system, RHB Defenders needs to be taken down till tomorrow so we can do a clean switchover. This outage is intentional and temporary. For everything you could possibly want to know and then some about our new membership system, the new tier system for extra shiny fan requests and other goodies, please check out our extensive new FAQ all about it just below (sorry it's just text not a proper link).


Thank you for your patience!




enter here the usual litany about being late and not doing this as often as I would like but we don't get a lot of donations anymore

And on with the update!

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 10 new pics!

Lost Girl: 1 new pic.

Retro Raul: 11 new pics, welcome back Raul! Great to see your work again hope you'll do more! You've improved a LOT in the last four years! ^_^

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Well once again it's been months and I meant to do this a lot earlier but here's our public page update!

Artist Galleries:

New Artist added: Link19211921, 5 pics!

Anonymous: 3 new pics!

Dark One: 15 new pics!

Lostgirl: 2 new pics!

Spawnfan: 3 new pics!

Thanks as always for everyone who donated their work! Sorry it took so long to post.




Merry almost christmas! ^_^

We'd planned to have the FLOAGS upgraded edition done today but we've been so swamped with other stuff we haven't been able to work on it, so we'll have that along when we can, not sure when.

In the meanwhile though, got some pics to post by our most faithful contributor, including some Xmas pics, so I HAD to get them up this month. O_O

So here we are. ^_^

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 13 new pics!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Only a few donations this month so I'm going to save them and post next month. However I've updated the Defender's Tour with a shiny new full Summer Moon montage! It's such a huge story that even with lots left to go, we have enough for a full montage!

RHB Defenders:

Tour Updated!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Happy almost-halloween!

It's been... holy crap, FIVE MONTHS since the last public site update. Sorry about that! But hey it's the 15th, so either I'm 4 months late or right on time! Depending on how you look at it. ^_-

Sorry for the long gap. We've been super busy with RHB Defenders, which continues to update every weekday. Along with Justice Hentai, and now Enchanted Hentai, they keeps us hopping! Also there's not been a lot of donations of pics, so I needed to wait a while for things to pile up, but now we've got a good haul to share!

Tis the witching season, when angels and devils come out to play, and to celebrate that we've polished up our original Defender's book: Better Angels!

Better Angels is now available on our bookstore in addition to RHB Defenders, and it's a shiny new version that brings the original book up to our current high standards of excellence. We re-rendered the entire book to new finals, corrected some lingering mistakes, and loaded it with all the bonus material we could muster, including some that has never been seen before!

The upgraded version is being added to RHB Defenders as well, so check it out all over again!

For those non-Defender fans out there we'll also be adding on or about December 15th the next Defender's book, For Love of a Girl-side, to the DSB store, so look for that then! It will also be a polished up and upgraded edition. ^_^

Deep Star Books:

Better Angels (upgraded edition) is now available for sale!

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: A whopping 28 new pics! Months worth of donations from our most regular contributor. Thanks again man and sorry they took so long to post!

Juggle: A totally mind-blowing 161 new pics!

At least I think they're new. they're not all hentai, and there may be duplicates. Frankly he sent in so many I couldn't even check them all for repeats so I'm just posting everything. ^_-

New Artist Added:

Onna 20: 8 pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Sorry for the terribly long gap between updates. I'm afraid to say, almost nothing has been donated for me to post. Other than the stalwart and unending generosity of the hard working Dark One, nothing has been donated for months. :(

But at least I can post DarkOne's pics. And as always, work continues at a fever pitch on the RHB Defender's page. Five pages a week of top notch full color Ranma hentai still going! We're closing in on the spectacular finish of the unexpectedly epic I Dream of Ranma-chan, and the even more epic Summer Moon is starting soon! So excited! :D

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 10 new pics. Thanks Dark One for continuing to share!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




After WAY too long, as usual, I've finally updated the Defender's Tour!

A preview montage for our recently completed minibook 'Double Time' has been added, an expanded and extra sexy big montage for our running premiere comic 'I Dream of Ranma-chan' has been added, AAAAAND... the very first official teaser for our next book, SUMMER MOON!

Check it out!

Also a reminder that ENCHANTED HENTAI: VOLUME 2 is now available! Our second collection of sexy western animation! A preview for the book has been added to our Original Projects page, and it's available now on Deep Star Books!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




This extra day brings extra special news! It took us a few months longer than we had hoped, but ENCHANTED HENTAI: VOLUME 2 is now complete and available for purchase! Hope you'll check it out on Deep Star Books and share your thoughts on it. ^_^




Exciting stuff happening on the site! After a much-longer-than-we-intended break, Enchanted Hentai is going to be returning very soon. It's not quite ready but we plan to have volume 2 ready to roll on Deep Star Books for February 29th (go leap year!). Thanks to everyone who has supported it so far. ^_^

Also on Defenders, I Dream of Ranma-chan is going to be returning soon for hopefully it's grand finale and no more interruptions. We hope. ^^;

And then it's on to my pet project I've wanted to make for years, Summer Moon! SO EXCITED! runs around in circles MUAHAHAHAHA!

Artist Galleries:

BA4ever: 1 new pic.

Dark One: 4 new pics.

Much appreciation to the guys who donated!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Made it on the 15th this month! Just barely but I got it. :D

So lessee what we've got, a light month on picture donations:

RHB Defenders:

Got a note I've been wanting to make a point of over on Defender's. When we started taking Fan Requests on the forum a long ways back, we weren't really ready for them and there was a huge backlog. Because of that at the time we asked that people be signed up for 4 months before requesting, just to help us keep up.

At long last we've caught up. We've got artwork in production nearly to the end of the thread. We removed the 'please wait 4 months' rule some while ago but we didn't really make a big deal of it at the time. I just wanted to note it here so everyone had extra chances to notice it, that if you join Defender's you may make a fan request right away, no need to wait. It still takes a few months for a request to move through the art process (full color art is complicated!), so you'll still need to hang around a while to see your request finished, but by all means, request right away. ^_^

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 12 new pics.

Quite a haul from Dark One, but it comes with a warning. The reason there's so many this month is he saved these up, hesitant to share them cause they were too extreme. The entire bunch has a beastiality theme. If that's not your thing, best skip this months offerings from Dark One.

Lost Girl: 3 new pics.

That's all for this month. Thanks to D.O. and L.G. for donating!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Well... clearly my streak for updating each month on time is shot. :P

DAMN YOU SKYRIM!!! I'm over it now though. Took an arrow to the knee and limped back to work, adventuring days done for now. ^_-

On a personal note, a thrilling milestone this past week. December 11th was my one-year anniversary of moving into my own home. Took a lot of years of saving to move out on my own, and I've now been making it work for a whole year. WOO! ^_^

Right then on to the update! Let's see what I've got for you:

Ranma 3D:

3Djunkie: 2 new pics.

Artist Galleries:

Dark One: 8 new pics.

Godengag: 5 new pics.

KJ: 5 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




WOOT! 4 months in a row I've actually updated on time! Yay me! ^_^

Right then! Well what do I have?

After letting it get WILDLY out of date, I've finally updated the Defender's Tour! Right up to the current. ^_^

Our new expanded full-comic quality 2nd half of I Dream of Ranma-chan is well under way now, and our next book, the extra epic Summer Moon, is chugging along nicely behind the scenes, preparing for it's big debut after IDORC is complete! Also the fan request turnaround time has become much improved. We're working hard at it! Hope everyone has been enjoying the ride! Your support makes it happen. ^_^

Defender's Tour updated!

Artist Galleries:

New Artist Added: Godengag, 5 new pics.

Ba4ever: 1 new pic.

Darkone: 2 new pics.

Much appreciated as always to everyone who donated! :D

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Super thin month for the public site. Only one pic donated. O_O

Darkone and 3DJunkie took the month off from new work.

Over on the Defenders front, we're catching up really well on fan requests, filling in gaps, getting things posted. If you haven't looked in on your request in a long time, you may want to check it to see if you're cleared to make a new one, a lot of people are. We're also hard at work at the new comics, and announcements should be along soon. ^_^

Artist Galleries:

Unclean One: 1 new pic.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^




Second month in a row I'm actually getting the udpate done on the 15th! WOOT!

As mentioned in the update of the 2nd, we have a new comic! And Deep Star Books is all updated and shiny new! Enchanted Hentai needs your support if we're ever going to spin it off successfully into a site of its own, ala Justice Hentai.

Check out the update just below this one for more details.

Ranma 3D:

3DJunkie: 28 new pics!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 4 new pics.

DesignAHV: 11 new pics.

Spawnfan: 2 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

ENJOY! ^_^





Yay me! ^_^

And wouldn't you know it, it's WE that've gotten the present for all of you guys!

After a very long absence we have something new and shiny on our bookstore! And even the bookstore itself is shiny and new! Deep Star Books is back open on a new host, rebuilt and looking better than ever.

And to celebrate it's return, we have a new book! We here have always had three great loves in animation. Anime (represented by Ranma), Superheroes (JusticeHentai!), and finally the trilogy is complete with Enchanted Hentai! Our tribute to western theatrical animation tradition. Disney as the core, but branching out beyond that as well to the new greats such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Don Bluth/Fox/Warner Brothers, etc.

We're hoping to bring a whole site to life to celebrate western animation the way we spun Justice Hentai off to its own site. At the moment we don't have the material or the resources to do that unfortunately. But we're getting the ball rolling with an opening collection of the most spectacularly beautiful Disney/etc artwork we've made so far! A gorgeous collection available now on Deep Star Books! If support for this book is strong enough we hope to expand with the full spectrum of art you have come to expect from us, with fan requests, beautiful pinups, great humor, and smokin' hot sex!

So we could really use your help getting it off the ground! I've updated the Original Projects page (at last), with the new book, cleaning up some old mistakes while I was at it. The book is now available on Deep Star Books and we've got an ongoing discussion for Enchanted Hentai going now on our forum. Now's the time to make your voice heard just when we're getting the new endeavor off the ground! Share your thoughts on this book, on the idea in general, on what beautiful princesses and feisty heroines you'd like to see included, etc.

Original Projects:


Thanks for reading and for your support! With you guys on our side, we can hopefully make this endeavor a success!



Hi everyone! Lookit! Updating right on time for a change! WOO!

Big contribution this month from 3DJunkie. He's looking for new ideas so be sure to let him know your thoughts on the forum!

Ranma 3D:

3DJunkie: 24 new pics!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 2 new pics. Lostgirl: 4 new pics.

Thanks to everyone who shared! ENJOY!



Happy 4th of July everyone!

OK technically this is slightly late, where I am it's the 5th by about 2 hours, but I've got a special 4th of July shot for today, kindly donated by 3D Junkie.

Ranma 3D:

3DJunkie: Special 4th of July big pinup added.

Thanks to 3DJunkie for the contribution and I hope everyone enjoys! Be sure to share your thoughts with him on the forum, he's taking requests and looking for ideas for new shots to make. ^_^



Hi everyone! Only 3 days late this month! That's actually pretty good relatively speaking. :P

Ranma 3D:

New Artist Added!: 3DJunkie

After a SUPER long absence of anything new in the Ranma3D section, at long last we have a new contributor! 3DJunkie joins our tiny list of art contributors with a 30 picture set of Akane. He's got a new artist gallery added under the Ranma3D section, so look for it there not in the general artist galleries. He's also started a couple threads on our forum. He very much would like to hear fan feedback on his contribution, and get requests on what he might attempt to do in the future. So please stop by the forum and share your thoughts with him! ^_^

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 4 new pics.

Juggle: A whopping 53 new pics!

TERRIBLY Sorry Juggle it took me so long to post them. The zip got a tad lost in my email directory. I really need to clean it out and organize it so files don't languish there this long. O_o

Spawnfan: 1 new pic.

Thanks for sharing everyone! ENJOY!



Defender's Tour:

Whew! Hi everyone! It's HORRIBLY overdue but at long last I've updated the tour right to the current! Complete accurate count and listing of all the wonderful goodies on our Defender's page! (that update on the 11th, the rest of the update on the 15th)

We've hit not one but TWO spectacular milestones! May marks our TWO YEAR anniversary for Defenders! Thanks so much to everyone that has helped keep it alive! And on top of that we've topped a totally mind blowing 1,000 pages of full color Ranma hentai content on Defenders! I couldn't believe it either when I counted it all up! WOOPAH!

Not much to post this time around. Art donations have been very meager. Thanks much to those few who still contribute. ^_^

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 5 new pics.

Lostgirl: 1 new pic.

General Galleries:

Ranma-chan: 1 new pic, posted with permission.



Hi everyone! ^_^

Defender's Tour:

Got a new book to announce! WOOT!

We're in the home stretch on Little Horny Demons, and our next title is waiting in the wings, a Kasumi-starring number called: dun dun dunnnn..


EEEK! Scary! ^_^ Well not really we don't do that but it should definitely be sexy! I've added the cover to the RHB Defenders tour, although I haven't updated the rest of the numbers. I'll do that when VC starts in earnest.

Check out the cover! It's a beauty!

OK what else have I got:

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 6 new pics.

Juggle: 54 new pics! Wow what a prolific guy!

KJ: 7 new pics.

Lostgirl: 1 new pic.

Many thanks to everyone who donated! I really appreciate you sharing! ^_^

Thanks for your support and Enjoy!



Hi everyone! ^_^

Late once again on the general update but I've got a fair amount to post this time! Thanks bunches to everyone who donated art to the site. You're the guys that keep the public section of the site alive and we appreciate it!

Defender's Tour:

Tour all updated with a new half-montage for Little Horny Demons and fresh samples of our fan requests, and updated numbers!

General Galleries:

Shampoo: 1 new pic, donated and posted with permission.

Artist Galleries:

New Artist Added: DesignAHV: 6 pics. 6 image set of the Ranma girls duking it out for Ranma. Really nice full color thing. Many thanks to "Matthew" for commissioning this set and donating it. He also wanted me to include DesignAHV's deviantart page link: Deviantart page = desingahv.deviantart.com

Darkone: 2 new pics.

Juggle: 15 new pics.

Spawnfan: 4 new pics.

Zyvaman: 6 new pics.

Thanks to everyone for your support and enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone!


Sorry I've been a bit of a ghost the last couple months. Been super crazy times for me! Cause you see...I'VE MOVED OUT!

After a lifetime in the parents basement and years of pinching my pennies, I've finally managed to squeak into a little place of my own! WOO!!!

Had to move across the country to some place far cheaper and smaller cause I could never afford to live where I was, but that's ok cause this place is MINE! BWAHAHAHAHA!

happy ^_^

That doesn't really have anything to do with anything but I'm so thrilled about it that I had to share it with all of you, our fans, who make our work possible. Thank you! :D :D :D


Hope everyone out there is having a good holiday season as well!

Right then what have I got...again, very little sad to say. Few donations, mostly once more from the rock of art contributions, Darkone, with a handful of others:

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 7 new pics, thanks as always to Dark One! Something new every month. O_O

General Galleries:

Ranma-chan: 5 new pics, by Setsun, posted with permission.

Hope everyone is enjoying our special holiday pinups on the Defenders page! As always we love hearing your feedback on the forum. Let us know what you think of the work!



Hi everyone!

The Defender's Tour has at last been updated! Yay!

No general pic update this month. I only got like 4 shots donated all month. I'm going to hang on to them and post in December. :)

Any artists interested in sharing your Ranma hentai art, we'd love to host your work!



Heya everyone. As many of you have likely noticed, our forum has kind of exploded. It's totally down at the moment.

Bradster is working on it and doing his best to recover it. He hopes it'll be working again before the end of the day, but it may take longer.

Even when it DOES come back up the past week of posts are going to be wiped out. The last backup was on 10/25 so nothing beyond that can be recovered. So anyone who made especially critical posts or fan requests during that period I'm afraid you'll need to recreate them once the forum is back up.

In related news, if anyone among the fans out there happens to be an almighty guru in the mystic arts of PHPbb coding, Bradster could use some assistance in making sure this doesn't happen again. (bradster@anime-fanservice.org)

Thanks for your patience.



Hi everyone!

Well here it is the 15th and I'm either doing the update exactly on time, or exactly a month late, depending on your perspective. ^^;;;

Terribly sorry I never got anything posted last month. We've been so busy on Defender's and JH.com that it just got swamped in urgent work, and by the time I got back to it it was SO late that frankly it made more sense to just wait and post them next time, which is now!

On the plus side, because it's been two months I actually have a pretty fair amount to post! Many thanks to those who donated art and profuse apologies for taking so long to post them.

Artist Galleries:

Juggle: 246 pics! That is not a typo. 246!

However this requires some explaination. Juggle sent me an immense zip of all his doodles and artworks even remotely related to Ranma over many years. Some few of these were already on the site, 36 of them, but the other 200+ are new. They are a great variety from colored works to just doodle sketches. Also some of them are of fanfic characters spawned in Ranma fanfics, like Ranma's daughter or some such, so they're not ALL technically canon Ranma characters. However with over 200 of them, some duplicates, trying to sift through them and figure out what's been posted before, what hasn't, what's REALLY Ranma enough to post and what isn't, is a task I frankly don't have time for. SOOOooo...I'm just posting them all completely indescriminately. Juggle was happy to share, so share we shall. ^_^

Darkone: 4 new pics.

KJ: 6 new pics.

Shampoo Kuonji: 1 new pic.

Spawnfan: 7 new pics.

Zyvaman: 15 new pics (all variants of one base image).

Thanks for reading and for your support! Enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone!

WELL! A special project long in the works is finally ready to debut! The Ranma Hentai Wiki page! This has been a joint project between Deep Star and Hinoron, and since he described far more elequently than I did, I'm going to just mooch his lovely description of it from the Defender's page:

From Deep Star:

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Ranma Hentai Wiki! This new community feature is your one-stop resource for all things Ranma hentai...or at least, we hope it will be one day. Like all wikis, they are a perpetual work in progress. =P

The Ranma Hentai Wiki's mission is to collect and preserve information about Ranma Hentai media and its authors. It was created by Deep Star and Hinoron, but will be maintained by Hinoron.

If you get some free time, head on over and read the entries for the RHB comics. You'll learn some history about each RHB book and hopefully have a few laughs along the way (note that many of the links in the trivia section are a hoot).

One last thing, wikis gobble up tons of free time. Hinoron has dumped dozens upon dozens of hours into its creation. Like me, he is an unpaid volunteer. So to help give him some meager compensation, we have inserted a single banner ad into the wiki. If you like what we're doing, please support the wiki by clicking once on the banner. The ad generates revenue by clicks, and while it won't be much, at the very least it should buy Hinoron a coke and pizza. And isn't that the least we can do for him? :D

-- Hope everyone will check it out! Enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone! Sorry I'm a couple days late.

SO! What do we have? Lots of stuff happening.

Lot of new people joining us this month, so I'd like to say welcome to everyone! ^_^

Defender News:

Some great stuff going over on RHB Defenders. Our new book Lost and Found is now well underway, and I'm thrilled with how it's turning out. Definitely one of my favorites.

Also after a long (too long, sorry about that) hiatus, fan requests are going again! We're...horrendously behind on them of course. But we're all done with our 'character themed' pinup book approach. Red was the last one of those we had. From here on out we won't be doing extended blocks of a single character like that, it'll be a wild free for all zone of fan requests as fast as we can get them done, and when we do pinups of our own they won't be character blocks like that, but could be anything and anyone. I guess you could say we're in a permanent state of rainbow, color-wise. ^_-

So if you don't like or are bored of the character that turns up today, well there could be a new one next pinup day. ^_^

We'll be pushing on fan requests as hard as we can from here on out, and I'm hopeful we can catch up and get the turnaround down to something reasonable. Thanks for your patience! :D

Also just this week we archived another whole classic book from our back catalogue: Private Tutor Hinako!


Bookstore News:

In other news, our perpetually ailing bookstore has both died AND been resurrected in one brilliant swoop by the mighty Deep Star. The change SHOULD be invisible but in fact the old merchant account dumped us for our painfully low sales, but we've switched seemlessly to a new one.

There are a few hiccups. They take a larger percentage, AND there's a monthly fee for using them, but there's no minimum. So our constant worry of being dumped (which they finally did), is solved. We'll be dropping the store closing banner as soon as I figure out how to do it, this new PHP structure is still pretty confusing to me. All prices will remain reduced, since our sales are really low anyway (sadness). The important thing here really is it'll remain available for donations and commission payments, as otherwise we'd have basically no way to accept such payments otherwise. We'll be more dependent than ever on Defender's doing well, as the back catalogue and bookstore make us almost nothing now. ;_;

Related to that I'd like to stop and make a special thank you to all those who donated to the bookstore to help keep it alive during this difficult transitional period. With special thanks to Jona-k and Ray D, far and away our two biggest contributors. You guys helped keep the old system alive for an entire year longer than it would have otherwise, giving us time to get the Defender's system on its feet and find this alternative. So super duper huge thanks to you guys! We really appreciate it!



General Site News:

Right then...what else...updated the Defender's splash to reflect that Fan Requests are going again, and even updated the Defender's Tour! Right up to the current. ^_^


More to do but those are the highlights. Now on to the general site new pics. As usual very little there, not many donations month to month. Always hopeful more Ranma fan artists out there will donate to share.

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 6 new pics.

Zyvaman: 16 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support! Enjoy! ^_^




And on this most auspicious day, NEW BOOK STARTING! on RHB Defenders a real beauty is beginning in earnest. Lost and Found! We posted the cover on friday and the tour has been updated with the cover, but the actual story starts today. It's a real beauty. I've been looking forward to this one for over a year! It's so awesome it's finally underway and on my birthday no less. V! ^_^

Thanks to everyone who is supporting our work! Each book is a triumph of you the fans sticking by us and helping us make ever more and ever greater Ranma hentai art! :D




WELL! It's terribly tardy but I've finally updated the Defender's Tour! Everything is up to date and shiny and spiffy!

A new final montage for Happiness Consultant, since it's nearly complete now. More samples for Red, updated scheduling and numbers.

Also, the VERY FIRST LOOK at our next major narrative comic, Lost and Found! Cover not quite ready yet but I hope to swap it in soon, and I've got some completed preview panels there (and they were completed TONIGHT just for the sake of the preview).


And finally while I've got your attention, I'd like to stop for a moment to note the date. July marks FOUR YEARS now since the release of our first book in the new series, Perils of Fighting Dirty. A wild four years it's been we've made something like THIRTY BOOKS! Well over 1,000 pages of total production between Defenders and Deep Star Books.

And while we put in ungodly amounts of hard work to make all that happen, none of it would have ever come to pass without you guys supporting us. There's literally millions of free porn pics out on the net you could get if you wanted, yet you have chosen to stick by us, to support our work and help keep it alive. Here's hoping we can do it for another four years! Or even longer! It all depends on you! ^_^

So I just wanted to say THANKS!


Hope you're having a great time! :D :D :D



Heya everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not melting too much. ^^

Fun stuff going on RHB Defenders. Very soon our next big book title will be starting up, Lost and Found! Starring the ever perky and delightful Ukyo. ^_^ Really been looking forward to this one for the longest time. I'll be updating the tour hopefully to reflect that within the week.

Meager month for image donations. Just 3. But thanks as always to the artists who shared them.

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 2 new pics.

Lostgirl: 1 new pic.

Thanks for reading and for your support! Enjoy! ^_^



Happy 4th of July everyone!

No new pics just at the moment but I have some notes for you guys.

Deep Star Books is in another strike 3 danger month in July. We're scrambling to pull together enough sales and/or donations to eek out our minimum. So if you had a hankering to buy some books or maybe make a generous donation to the general betterment of Ranma hentai in the world, this month would be an excellent time. ^^;

- In TOTALLY unrelated news, a bit of a creative corner moment from yours truly. As a bit of a creative diversion for myself a couple weeks ago I made a fan map for Lux Delux.

For those not familiar with Lux it's a computerized form of the boardgame Risk, but the maps can be anything at all. There's hundreds of fan made ones and I decided to add one of my own. Quite proud of it really so if anyone out there has the game or wants to pick it up (it's super cheap at the moment), you may want to check it out.

The map I made is called: Luna City, it'll be in the plugin manager and very new, as I only recently finished it.

For those not familiar with lux, you can find it here:


Thanks for reading and your support! Enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone! ^_^

Late again I fear. -_- Sorry about that. Not much to post this month only a couple donations.

Many thanks to those two guys who donated! ^_^

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 2 new pics.

Shampoo Kuonji: 2 new pics.

Enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone! ^_^

Sorry I'm a few days late on the general update.

Been a big month for RHB Defenders! For Love of a Girl-side is now complete, and our next book Happiness Consultant is now well underway, and is already up to the naughty naughy sex! Muaha! ^_^

Further, thanks to the support of everyone out there, we're on the edge of expanding our schedule. We're now lock solid on 6 updates a week, with saturday moving from specials to a standard pinup day, frequently being your direct fan requests. Upcoming extra specials will be on sunday now, so we're working hard to transition to a full all-week schedule.

But we've got 6 days a week for sure and we're pushing for 7!

As always the support of each and every one of you is what makes this happen. Our prices have not changed since Defender's began, yet our content is ever expanding and our pace of updates has gone from 5 to 6 and is now banging on the door of 7 a week!

We have a lot of new people this month trying us out for the first time. I hope you have enjoyed our work and will consider staying on as regular supporters. Your support goes directly to the artists who created this work, and funds the creation of more. ^_^

Right then on with the free site update. Thanks to all those who donated their art to share!

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 3 new pics.

Lost Girl: 2 new pics.

Spawnfan: 17 new pics! Bit of a wild gender-transforming series. Not only Ranma to Ranma-chan, but the same happening to Ryoga and Kuno. O_O Wild stuff.

Thanks for reading and for your support! Enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone!

And welcome to any new people who may be visiting us for the first time. I've got the Defender's Tour all updated right up to the current. So everyone be sure to check it out on the menu bar! ^_^



Hi everyone!

After weeks and weeks of beating his head against it, Deep Star has finally triumphed against the sinister PHP code and RHB Defenders has now been upgraded to match the new design of the free site! ^_^

Poor guy beat the stuffing out of himself over it so some thoughts and feedback (and if you like it, a compliment or two) would be greatly appreciated over on the forum!




Hi everyone!

Well here we are on the 15th, and I'm actually getting the general site update done today. But it's no great accomplishment as I have almost nothing to post. O_O

Only got 3 pictures donated all month. Guess it's a good thing we're still making our own original Ranma hentai, not many others are anymore.

Speaking of which, lots happening on RHB Defenders! we are for a brief spell anyway during the run of Anything Goes 2 (check The Hentai Zone section for chapter 1), up to 7 updates a week! Monday through saturday with 2 on saturday.

Along with that, lots of new projects starting up! After a very long run our super massive Ranma-chan epic For Love of a Girl-side is in it's final few pages. The story is done and we're just wrapping out some bonus stuff.

Concurrently the Ranma-chan pinup series RED is starting, and as soon as the final bits of FLOAGS have wrapped, our next narrative comic, Happiness Consultant, will be starting. The steamy sex-packed romp stars the delightfully wicked and smoking hot Nabiki Tendo! ^_^

Also we'll be doing more of your Fan Requests and commissions as soon as possible. They're in the works now, just difficult to get them through the production process quickly.

Over on our bookstore our entire back catalogue remains half-price. It's limping along and barely surviving but it's still there for now. Your support there as well as on Defender is, as always, deeply appreciated! I'll try to update the Defender's Tour to reflect the new projects uh...soon as I figure out how. O_o

Still getting used to the new site design. ^^;

Righto then well there's the three pictures I've got:

Artist Galleries:

Darkone: 2 new pics.

Kevin Karstens: 1 new pic.

Thanks for reading and for your support! Enjoy! ^_^



Had a few hiccups during code maintenance this morning but things seem to be running smoothly again. Sorry if it inconvenienced anyone! Thanks for your patience. ^_^



Hi everyone!

Just a quick note for all defender's out there or those considering joining us, that Out of Character 3 has now been added in it's entirety to the Defender's Archive gallery! That completes the entire OOC trilogy available at any time for all Defenders! ^_^

Just our thanks for your support! We expect more bonus extras next month as well. ^_^




Hi everyone! WELL! Now that phase 1 of our super special mega spiffy PHP powered new website is up and running, time to test to see if adding pictures is as easy as advertised! ^_^

Terribly sorry to all the picture donators that it took me so long to add these. Hopefully in the future adding pictures will be quite prompt. That was part of the idea behind the new site design. ^_^

Artist Galleries:

New Artist Added: Juggle, 36 pics!

Some of these are something in the way of hybrid characters. Like the children of Ranma and Akane from fanfics and the like, but some are straight up. Once I figure out adding links back into the artist pages the link to his site will be there so you can figure out who the hybrids are more easilly I hope. ^^;

Anonymous: 1 new pic (first in a long time. Hope to see more!)

Darkone: 6 new pics.

Extro: 3 new pics.

KJ: 4 new pics and 1 new translation of the 'bust chart' picture.

Lost Girl: 8 new pics.

Pchan 9000: 1 new pic.

ZyvaMan: 18 new pics.

Ranma 3D:

Rat Bastard Gallery: 16 new pics. Mostly these were posted at one time or another to the message board, but figured collect them together and add them to his gallery too!

And once again huge thanks to Rat for leading the charge on the new site design. So far so good! ^_^

Thanks for reading and for your support! ENJOY! :D



Hi everyone!

Well! At very long last thanks to the bottomless well of awesome that is Rat Bastard and his mighty web code knowledge, our new shiny PHP powered website seems to be up and running!

It's new and there are no doubt bugs still to be worked out but it should be easier to update and more enjoyable to use!

Help us perfect the new design. If you spot anything amiss let us know over on the RHB forums! New general site pictures to follow soon, once the kinks in the new design are ironed out.

Also big deal kinda news related to the new Design, The Hentai Zone: Chapter 3, is now available for FREE in the Hentai Zone page of the free section of the site. We had promised to release it for everyone once it was done and there it is!

Enjoy! ^_^



Hi everyone!

And a big hello and welcome to any new people who may be joining us for the first time. ^_^ We started our first new ad today on another site. We're all nervous and hopeful that people like what we do!

I updated the Defender's Tour today, bringing it up to current of what's on the RHB Defender's page, the heart of our site.

Also don't forget to check out the Original Books page for our extensive back catalogue. ^_^

A quick primer for new people. We're a small independent artist team. Everything on the Defender's Page and all books in the Original Books section are our own original creations. Your support goes directly to the artists and writers who created these works.

So take a look around and we hope you enjoy! If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to email us or join us on our message board!



Hi everyone!

Sorry my general site updates have been so absent this month. This isn't actually a general update yet either, but I hope to get to that soon.

But I wanted to drop in a note as we're up to big things. A major overhaul of the site design is underway thanks to the invaluable help of "Rat Bastard", and over in the RHB Defenders page, our Olympics event special Babes of Glory has concluded, and we're now beginning FAN REQUESTS!

We opened the doors to requests starting in january and at last the finished art is starting to come in and will be underway immediately! ^_^

So I adjusted the splah image on the top page accordingly. It's abstract right now cause we didn't want to spoil any of the fan requests before they're properly posted.

Thanks as always for your support! If you're a Defender and have not yet made a request be sure to do so it's first come first serve. ^_^





At long last (sorry for the delay), a REAL UPDATE!

Right then so what goodies do we have for you?

Well right on the main page you probably noticed THE RHB REQUEST CORNER IS LIVE!!!!

I'm sure a lot of people have been looking forward to this one for quite some time. While we have always tried to give everyone what they want, now RHB Defenders can just flat out ask for specific images and (within some reasonable limitations), by damn we'll make 'em for you!

Full details are up on the RHB Defenders page and requests go on our forum message board. If you're not currently signed up for the message board, please do! We want to hear your ideas and make them happen! ^_^

Also the Defender's Tour has been updated, and we're announcing NEW PROJECTS! Two new projects complete with covers to see!

The new Defender books are: Babes of Glory, and Happiness Consultant.

Check out the Tour for more details and covers! (they're down near the bottom)

RHB Defenders:

  • RHB Request Corner now ACTIVE! Tell us what you want, and we'll make it for you if we can! ^_^
  • Defender's Tour updated! NEW PROJECTS ANNOUNCED!
  • Babes of Glory
  • Happiness Consultant

Check out the tour for covers and more details! ^_^

Artist Galleries:

(Terribly sorry it took me so long to post!)

  • New Artist added: Dakina, 2 pics.
  • Baka Neko Girl: 6 new pics.
  • DarkOne: 5 new pics.
  • Extro: 6 new pics.
  • Hinoron: 1 new pic
    (first in YEARS! Welcome back Hinoron! MAKE MORE! poke with spork) :D
  • Lost Girl: 3 new pics.
  • Spawnfan: 5 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

Enjoy! ^_^



Happy New Year everyone!

New Year! New Decade! Woot!

I've trimmed the banner on the top page about the DSB Final sale, and updated the notice about it. We've temporarilly dodged the bullet thanks to the generous support of everyone out there. The notice has been updated with more details so I hope you'll check it out.

And uh...general pictures. Seriously I need to get to those. -_-

Sorry I've been so lax getting them up but I've been working triple-hard lately on Defender stuff to meet a crushing schedule, so I've been extremely burned out. I'll try to get to them soon! Apologies to all those nice folks that donated pictures I have not forgotten you! I WILL post them!





Thanks to everyone's support we've survived this very difficult year and we're gearing up for lots more fun in 2010!

Over in Defenders our gift to you is not one but TWO big group shot pinups, themed for a sexier kind of christmas! :D :D :D



Heya all!

Just a quick note since our normal update day of the 15th has come and gone. Due to crushing work loads, holiday hell, and a burst water pipe in my house, I'm completely slammed and likely to remain so for a couple weeks. So I fear the standard update for the RHB is going to have to likely wait till after the holidays.

Sorry about that guys! But I'll get it all posted. And as always Defenders marches on without interruption.

Thanks for all your support! ^_^



Hi everyone!

Kind of a sad day here on RHB. Our bookstore, Deep Star Books, is getting ready to ride off into the sunset.

I've got a big notice explaining what's up on the main page and also on the sidebar just under 'original books'. Hope everyone will check it out and if you're missing any books from our back catalogue you were hoping to get someday, nows the time, cause before long, it won't be there anymore.

Details in the sale notice.

RHB Defenders is NOT affected by this in any way. That's going fine. I'm saying that in like ten different places to make sure no one could miss that Defenders is fine, it's only the bookstore that's going under.

Thank you all for your support as always! ^_^



Alrighty! Hi all!

wavies N hugs

A bit late but finally getting going on the proper update for this month.

Big happenings are going on over on RHB Defenders! After a great run, the triple-threat hotness of Tendo Sisters has now concluded!

Our next pinup series: Yellow, starring the shape-shifting, chi sucking, buxom beauty teacher Hinako, is starting!

Also this means starting next week, our main narrative story For Love of a Girl-side, will be jumping up to 3 updates a week just in time for the NOOKIE! Yup yup, setup is just about done and the hot redhead action is commencing momentarilly! Bwaha!

So for all that have supported the story so far, thank you! And for anyone that's been hanging off Defenders for a bit waiting for the sex to start, well that time is just about upon us! Woot! :D

Related to the change in books for Defenders, I've updated the RHB Defenders splash image on the top page to reflect the new book starting, also updated The Hentai Zone samples at the bottom.

The Defenders Tour has also been updated at last. Rather tardy on that, sorry!

It's fully up to speed on the current events of Defenders, with all new content listed, updates to schedules, and a bunch of new samples! Including one from FLOAGS from the steamy upcoming scene which hasn't even been released yet! Go take a peek! :D

Over on our sister site JusticeHentai.com, we're right on the bubble of having enough subscribers to upgrade the site to 4 updates a week. So I hope you guys will consider supporting it! Great hot stuff in the works over there as well. :D :D :D

And that's the news for now. On to the general site content update!

RHB Defenders:

  • Tendo Sisters COMPLETE!
  • New Pinup book starting: Yellow!
  • Defender's Tour updated!

Artist Galleries:

  • New Artist added: ba4ever, 2 pics.
    One of these I think is up in the Ranma-chan gallery somewhere but the other one is new. Very cute, hyper cute even, style on this guy.
  • DarkOne: 3 new pics.
  • Extro: 3 new pics (big thanks to B.L. for commissioning all these and sharing them with us),
  • Lost Girl: 4 new pics.
  • Shampoo Kuonji: 1 new pic.
  • Spawnfan: 6 new pics.

Much appreciation to everyone who chose to send things in to share! I wouldn't have anything to post to the general site without you guys so it really means a lot you send in and share. Thanks! :D :D :D

Thanks for reading and enjoy! ^_^



Heya guys!

This isn't really a proper update just yet. I realize the normal update day had kind of come and gone and I'd sort of forgotten (damn you Dragons Age! Rawr!).

We've gotten a bit distracted but I'll be back in action soon with plenty of spiffy news. Big happenings are going on over on RHB Defenders! After a great run, the triple-threat hotness of Tendo Sisters concludes today, and a new pinup series is starting.

Also this means starting next week, our main narrative story For Love of a Girl-side, will be jumping up to 3 updates a week just in time for the NOOKIE! Yup yup, setup is just about done and the hot redhead action is commencing momentarilly! Bwaha!

So for all that have supported the story so far, thank you! And for anyone that's been hanging off Defenders for a bit waiting for the sex to start, well that time is just about upon us! Woot! :D

I've got other things to do. Some generously donated pics to update, some further notes to go over, and the Defender's Tour to update now that Tendo Sisters is complete. But I'm not really ready to do that (damn you AGAIN Dragons Age! Double Rawr!). But I wanted to put up this note to let you guys know what's up, and I'll have more for you soon as possible!



DUH. Like an idiot I uploaded yesterday pictures and forgot to add the HTML files!

Should be all fixed now. Thanks to those that let me know I botched it. Actual details on update below.


Yeesh. I'm SO tardy with this general update. Sorry about that everyone! Especially lame of me as I have so little to post. ^^;;

If you didn't read it already please be sure to read the update of the 16th, it's got important defenders stuff everyone should be aware of.

General Galleries:

General gallery updates are on hold until further notice. We've had several complaints about pictures that got posted that the artists didn't want posted. We took them down right away but we take artist wishes very seriously and want to prevent them from being posted in the first place.

Until we figure out some viable way to make general content work without that problem, we'll have to hang on to them. This doesn't affect artist submissions. Those pics people send in to us specifically to share.

If anyone has any ideas on that subject, please share on the message board.

Artist Galleries:

  • DarkOne: 3 new pics.
  • Eighth: (formally Eight, he asked me to alter his name slightly): 1 new pic.
  • Extro: 3 new pics.
  • KJ: 3 new pics (one original, one fan colorization of the same shot, and a public area shot from KJ's site),
    also two pics already there have been updated with text-free versions sent in by the colorist. They're the two recent ones of RC with a tentacle monster.
  • LostGirl: 1 new pic.
  • Spawnfan: 1 new pic.

That's all I've got for this month. Thanks tons to all those who sent in their art to be shared! ^_^



Hi everyone!

Up today we have the Deep Star Books release of Ukyo's pinup book: BROWN!

The cooking beauty gets to shine in a hard-core loaded pinup collection! This is fully available on RHB Defenders, but we're also putting it out through DSB for those who prefer it that way.

The book is 1/3rd normal length, but is also 1/3rd normal price. A super duper cheap $6.95.

The PNG special edition of Brown is also up on RHG Defenders.

While we're on the subject of RHB Defenders for a moment, we've had a rather distressing week. Over this last month we've had a very promising surge in new people joining us, many from the newsletter we sent out last month. But a lot of those were trial accounts that are now running out, and our numbers have fallen rather scary the last week.

I hope those of you who tried us out on the trial account will consider joining up in a regular recurring account. We seriously need everyone's support to keep the site going and all this fantastic Ranma art coming to you guys 6 days a week!

Your support makes the art happen. Without you guys we are lost. Thank you for your support!

Also remember Out of Character #2 is coming soon to the archived section of Defenders!

I've got some general site content to do but I'm SOOOO worn out. I'll try to get to it within a few days. That's all for now thanks for reading! ^_^



Hi everyone!

Got some new spiffy notes on the happenings of the RHB!

First up, Deep Star's email is up and working correctly again. Yay!

Also tonight on Defender's we've got our next DEFENDER SPECIAL going up. The super high quality Ranma-chan in her sexy armor like our logo. Yum yum! ^_^

Also finally as I mentioned Out of Character #1 went up recently on Defenders. This is a heads up that OOC #2 will be along much sooner than later. Planned to be up before the close of October. Which will push the content on RHB Defenders into the stratosphere! I didn't do an exact count but I think we'll be in the neighborhood of THREE HUNDRED pages of content on Defenders.

WOO! ^_^

Just wanted to let you guys know the latest! Thanks for your support! We can't exist without all of you. :D :D :D



Hi everyone!

Just a quick note with some technical update stuff.

Deep Star's email is on the blink a bit. So if anyone is having trouble emailing him right now you can send me a message as well. We hope it'll be fixed by thursday but you never know, this one is out of our hands.

On JusticeHentai.com we've added some new samples to the tour. On day one the samples were all stuff from our original Justice Hentai books, but we've got new samples up now from the brand new, original site-exclusive art there now. If you looked before maybe you'll take a fresh look! It's sweet stuff. ^_^

Also on RHB Defenders (this was actually some days ago), but Out of Character #1 has been added to the archived section! A 56 page beast, our original book and still one of the longest we ever made. The great value that is Defenders gets even sweeter! ^_^

I haven't updated the Defender Tour yet but it's there on the site!

That's all just wanted to let everyone know the latest of what's up.




Hi everyone!

Super gigantic news this month! As you likely noticed on the top page, we have a new sister site!


It's no secret that in addition to Ranma, our other great love for all things naughty are those superpowered, super-under-dressed spandex goddesses from comic books! And after tremendous effort to get the ball rolling, we've finally developed a proper home for them!

We learned a lot starting up the RHB Defenders page, and we're putting those lessons to good use on our new site!

First thing, Defenders by now has mountains of content, four months worth and counting, but it took a good while to build up to that. Not so with Justicehentai.com! Right out of the gate there's nearly 100 pages there! ALL of Justice Hentai 1 & 2, plus an entire months worth of brand new, site exclusive original pinups!

Right on day one! No need to hesitate to jump in, cause there's plenty there right now!

If you've just been thinking about checking out our Justice Hentai work or you're already a fan, it's just a ridiculously sweet deal! So much hentai right off the bat! We're putting it all out there for you guys to help launch the new site. We really want it to be every bit as successful as RHB Defenders has been. ^_^

But there's MORE!


Another key awesome thing we're doing to help kick start the new site is...REQUESTS.

Right from the get go you can put in a request for whatever super-babe your heart desires! Although the site is initially focused on the DCAU universe (Supergirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, so forth and so on), we are not restricting things just to that. Not even limited to the DC universe, Marvel or whatever you like are fair game as well!

It's first come first serve on the requests though! Check out the site itself for more details! ^_^

SO! Tons of gorgeous super powered babes on day one, requests and commissions right off the bat!

I hope everyone will check it out!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



AHA! Tada, only 3 days after the book launch and I'm getting the general site update going. I've certainly done worse. ^^;

Speaking of new book, hope everyone will remember to check it out! Details for that are in the update of the 16th just below.

Right then let's see what we got for this month:

RHB Defenders:

All three of our new projects are now underway!

  • For Love of a Girl-side
    (Ranma-chan city!)
  • Tendo Sisters
    (awesome pinups of the lovely trio!)
  • The Hentai Zone: Chapter 3
    (The Ranma universe turned on it's naughty head!)

As usual this is our main effort of new original work and we need everyone's support to keep that and the site as a whole alive and healthy. Thank you for your support!

Original Books:

New Third Party Book: All Star Hentai 3: The Final Chapter! The trilogy is complete when Bulma joins the party!


  • Akane: 1 new pic.
  • Group: 1 new pic.
  • Nabiki: 5 new pics.
  • Ranma: 17 new pics.
  • Shampoo: 2 new pics.
  • Ukyo: 2 new pics.

Artist Galleries:

  • Anime1979: 1 new pic.
  • Bake Neko Girl: 10 new pics.
  • CG Box: 2 new pics.
  • Darkone: 1 new pic.
  • KJ: 6 new pics
    (three originals from the public area of his site and 3 colorizations. Remember KJ has also a members area that I do NOT post from and there are lots more there so be sure to check out his site yourself).
  • Lostgirl: 2 new pics.
  • Pchan 9000: 14 new pics
    (These are all variants of a single base pic but as he didn't say he wanted any one of them posted over any other, here htey all are).
  • Spawnfan: 3 new pics.
    (including an angel & devil Ranma-chan I suspect inspired by our own Better Angels!)
  • New Artist added: Extro, 7 pics.

3 of these were previously up in general galleries but I've now removed those from the galleries and collected them together into a proper artist gallery, with 4 additional pics and links. I was also asked by the commissioner of these shots to mention that Extro accepts commissions.

And that's it for general site content for this month! New art is still posted 6 days a week on the RHB Defenders page!

Thank you for reading and for your support!



Hi everyone!

New third party book this month! The third and final chapter in the All-Star Hentai series!

A real treat for all the Dragonball fans out there as Goku goes back to his series roots and gets it on with Bulma! And boy does he ever get it on I think this book has one of the highest ratios of sex pages in any book we've ever done. Like two thirds of it is pure nookie. ~O_O~

Art once again by the completely awesome Team SULCA. Hope you'll check it out!

Also in addition to part 3 coming out, for those who have yet to check out the All Star Hentai series, ALL THREE books are also available in a spiffy new bundle for a collective...Mmm.... checks...$18 off! That's like a whole book free. Sweet. ^_^

For those who are interested you can snag that in the 'value bundles' section of Deep Star Books.

General site update will be a few days late. As often happens when we beat the stuffing out of ourselves to get a book done for release, we're pretty fried. :P

Thanks for reading! ^_^



Hi everyone!

A day later than I planned but finally got the Defender's tour updated!!!! YAY!

It had gotten horribly out of date but it's finally all up to speed to reflect the many projects now complete, and the THREE new projects just starting up! It's all the latest and greatest of the Defenders Site!

Hope everyone both newly arriving and old fans returning will check it out! Thanks as always for your awesome support we'd be nothing without you guys keeping us alive. ^_^

hugs for everyone



This is just a quick update to point out that our Defender splash image on the top of the site has updated to reflect the new titles launching this week. Only FLOAGS has actually started, Tendo Sisters is on wednesday, hentai zone on saturday, but the image was ready and the old one was out of date so...went ahead and did it.

This note will get folded into another update possibly tomorrow with an updated tour.



Woo, lookit. It's still the 15th and I'm actually getting the general site content update done! Yay me!

So busy getting our own stuff done I'm usually too fried to get this going on time. ^^;

ANYwho, lessee what we got.

As mentioned on the 12th, over on RHB Defenders page, Purple is now complete! It's for sale as a stand alone too, for those who don't want to be part of defenders.

Starting up now on the Defenders page is a short Ukyo series, Brown.

Better Angels is now entering it's final act, with a sweet orgy of good and naughty ALL getting naughty! Bwaha!

And waiting in the wings and not far off, the pinup triple-play Tendo Sisters, comprising Blue (Akane), Green (Nabiki, go money), and White (Kasumi, fair and pure).

Also starting up soon will be our mega monster Ranma-chan epic of awesomeness, For Love of a Girl-Side. Fanboys of the lovely redhead will have a lot to love coming along fairly soon.

And last, after an EXTREMELY long hiatus, much longer than we had intended but nothing goes quite to plan in this economy, THE HENTAI ZONE will be picking up with it's third chapter soon.

It will take a while to do the finishing work on it as so much else is going on. We'll start by putting the pages out onto the RHB Defenders page as they get done, as Defenders (being the wonderful folks that keep our entire site from dying a horrible early death) get to see everything first.

HOWEVER, since the majority (about 75%) of the cost of Hentai Zone 3 was paid for by the donations of fans, once chapter 3 is complete, it'll move over to the public section, so everyone can see it.

Related to that, the hentai zone pages coming to the Defender's page will NOT be replacing one of the current weekday postings. It'll be in addition to, so for the duration of Hentai Zone 3's run, Defenders will be bumped up to 6 updates a week. Either 2 on one day or one on saturday, not sure yet which.

That is at least the current plan. If anything changes I'll let you guys know asap. ^_^

Right then! On with the update stuff.

RHB Defenders:

Purple (Shampoo Pinup book) complete. New series starting: Brown (Ukyo Pinup set).

Original Books:

Purple (Shampoo Pinup book) also released as stand alone book. Same as on Defenders so if you're a defender just get it there.

The Hentai Zone:

Chapter 3 starting probably in 2-3 weeks at most. First to the RHB Defenders page, public release to follow later. Details above.


  • Akane: 2 new pics. (had to add a page 06)
  • Group: 7 new pics.
  • Nabiki: 1 new pic.
  • Ranma: 24 new pics. (had to add a page 11)
  • Shampoo: 4 new pics.
  • Ukyo: 2 new pics
    (also for Ukyo's gallery, if you go back a bit on the last page there is one called: UkyoSexyTights.jpg, that has been replaced by a larger version)

Artist Galleries:

  • CG Box: 4 new pics.
  • Lost Girl: 1 new pic.
  • Darkone: 3 new pics.

Special congrats to Darkone for passing THREE HUNDRED pictures donated! He's been our most regular and prolific donater for years but that's a spiffy milestone worth mentioning! Thanks a million man! :D :D :D

And thanks to everyone else for reading!

Remember we love to hear your feedback on how we're doing. General thoughts and discussions are best on the forums, really specific questions you can email us. We love hearing from you. ^_^



Hi everyone!

Purple is now COMPLETE! WOOT! The summer of shampoo hotness, the mighty pinup yummy of the purple wonder is all done! YAY! I hope everyone has been enjoying the ride and thank you ever so much to all Defenders for your support while it's been releasing.

Now that's it's done, we're now also packaging it together and making it available for sale independently via Deep Star Books, for those who don't want to be part of defenders.

There is no difference between the Defender version and the stand-alone book version. If you are already a defender there is no need to get it this way, as you should already have it. For those that wish to get it now, joining the Defenders page would be the best way, as you'd get both this plus Better Angels in progress, and future work coming down the line, but it's up to you.

We want to give you guys the option to get it whichever way you prefer so here it is!

Thank you for your support as always! ^_^




Yay me! ^_^

What I'm really excited for is tomorrow though, when Kasumi's "better half" makes her splashy debut on RHB Defenders. Really eager to hear what everyone thinks of how we handled it! ^_^



Hi everyone!

FINALLY getting going on the general site update. I meant only to put it off a few days, ended up taking me a week to get to it. -_-

Sorry about that. ANYwho, off we go let's see what we've got! Some of this will be a recap of stuff from the 15th, since it's super important stuff that I don't want anyone to miss.

Original Books:

---New Book Released---

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Beer! BEER!! GLORIOUS BEER!!!

Also in new books, several titles in our catalogue have new Value Bundle discounts! We've packaged several related books together at cheaper prices. You can find them on Deep Star Books under 'Value Bundles'.

Here's the bundles we made:

  • Queen of the Night 1 & 2 combo: $15 off
  • Black Rose of Furinkan 1 & 2 combo: $10 off
  • Kasumi's Secret & Keeping It Clean: $10 off.
  • Justice Hentai 1 & 2: $10 off
  • All Star Hentai 1 & 2: $9 off
  • Midnight Movie Mayhem & Rivals: $8 off


Rat Bastard Gallery:

Lots more from the suddenly prolific and very inspired Rat Bastard.

13 new shots, including a new Omake inspired by Better Angels, our ongoing story on the RHB Defender's page.

Also some really wild fantasy shots blending our favorite Ranma girls with mythological creatures. Wild stuff, but very unique and cool I think. ^_^

General Galleries:

  • Akane: 3 new pics.
  • Group: 4 new pics.
  • Ranma-chan: 12 new pics,
  • Shampoo: 2 new pics.
  • Ukyo: 3 new pics.

Artist Galleries

  • Bake Neko Girl: 8 new pics, continuations of both ongoing stories already underway.
  • CG Box: 10 new pics.
  • Darkone: 3 new pics.
  • Lost Girl: 1 new pic.
  • Shampoo Kuonji: 1 new pic. (welcome back man! Been ages! Hope you'll do more.)
  • New Artist Added - Spawnfan: 16 pics.

Welcome Spawnfan! Spawnfan also wanted it mentioned he accepts commissions.

And that's that for this month! Thanks for reading for all your support!

Defenders, don't forget we love to hear your thoughts back on our ongoing work on the Defender's page. Feel free to share your thoughts over on the message board we want to know how you think we're doing! :D




Hi guys! (and gals, I know there are a few at least!)

Got SOOOO much to go over this month! Hope you'll bear with me!

So what do we have? LOTS!

First and most obvious from the main page, we've got a NEW BOOK! Our first full up, full length, proper book release in a while. Man getting this done on top of the nonstop needs of finishing pages for the RHB Defenders page was a real grind.

The new book is:

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Beer! BEER!! GLORIOUS BEER!!!

Misato's on a bender again, coming home drunk out of her mind over and over. What is poor Shinji going to do with such a lush?

Hang on...this is a hentai book! We know EXACTLY what he'll do with her! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Misato and Shinji share a forbidden, secret, alcohol driven night of passion! But when she sobers up, how will she react to what they've done?

And on top of that, not only does it have the main story, but we're also including four amazing super high quality pinups by the incredible artist Reiq in the book. One of Misato, one of Misato/Asuka, and two of Ritsuko.

We worked SUPER hard on this one, and are really proud of how it turned out.

I hope everyone will check it out on our Original Books page. ^_^

OK up next.

Since we finally have a proper new release up on Deep Star Books, we've decided now is a good time to try out some special offers on the site. Sales have been distressingly low on the site since the RHB Defenders page started, so we're hoping to remind people that we've got this huge and amazing back catalogue that we hope people won't ignore.

So starting now we've got some nifty bundle deals going for related books. Here's what we've got going now. This is not a temporary sale but book bundle deals we plan to keep for a good while:

  • Queen of the Night 1 & 2 combo: $15 off
  • Black Rose of Furinkan 1 & 2 combo: $10 off
  • Kasumi's Secret & Keeping It Clean: $10 off.
  • Justice Hentai 1 & 2: $10 off
  • All Star Hentai 1 & 2: $9 off
  • Midnight Movie Mayhem & Rivals: $8 off

So if you've got some gaps in your collection and were thinking of picking some up, now's a great time to check out what we've got! Cause we've got lots! ^_^

Over in the RHB Defenders page, things have been chugging along fairly well.

We asked for the fans feedback on our message board, and we've gotten plenty back! The common consensus of those talking seem to be they'd prefer if we switch up our release pattern to have our narrative story (Better Angels) on Monday, wednesday, and Friday, and the pinups on tuesday and thursday, so things are more interspersed.

Since the fans have asked, and no one seemed to object, we're going to give it a try!

Starting this week we'll switch the pattern to that. If anyone wants to let us know how we're doing or in any way share your thoughts on our work, stop by our message board.

On top of that, this week we'll have SIX update instead of five. This saturday will be the debut of our 2nd Defender's Special! Smoking hot Ranma-chan in her sexy armor! Melt your brains! BWAHAHAHA! ^_^

And that is for the moment what's up!

The general content update for the site will be in a few days. Want to give the new book a chance to shine on its own. ^_^

Thanks to everyone for your support!




Deep Star Books is up and running again! Woot!

Tested and good to go. Now we just need some sales. ^^;

In all the fever for the defender's page don't forget about our back catalogue, guys! Got years of work available there and each purchase there helps the entire enterprise keep on trucking through these hard times. ^_^

Thanks for your support as always! :D



Hi everyone!

Glad everyone's been enjoying the defender's site so far. Today especially we got lots of awesome feedback about our Ranma/Star Wars parody crossover (I always got a laugh out of that shot).

We love hearing back from you! Keep those comments coming so we can keep making our work better and better for you. :D

In other news Deep Star Books is offline for maintainance. Just letting people know. Not that we've had many sales lately. :(

But we hope to be back up and running tomorrow. So if anyone was thinking of making a purchase (I hope someone was! Sales have been horrible lately no one seems to be looking at our back catalogue :( ), should be good to go tomorrow. ^_^


Update 06.15.2009 (updated 06.21.2009)

(this is an update addendum to the 15th, much delayed but what I said on the 15th is so important I don't want it to be slid down).

New general content list below.

Hi everyone!

Well here we are at the start of month 2 for our RHB Defender's concept.

Now that we've got a whole huge month of content built up, and a lot more work coming down the pipe that's in semi-show-worthy shape, I've built a SUPER GIGANTO DEFENDER'S TOUR!

Covering what's there, what's coming very soon, and even a peek at what's coming a bit further along.

It's crucially important to get both more signups, and for those who have signed up so far to stick with us. We're at a tenuous early point so everyone's support is really important.

So please check out the new tour! There's a link for it in the sidebar in the defender's section, and one on the top page next to the update date.

Right then!

What else have I got for you guys? As you may have spotted on the top page, new third party book this month! I mentioned it on the 13th but just a fresh reminder about it, based on the popular video game Persona 4. Titled:

Margaret's Request

A fun little book, almost all sex. Even if you guys aren't into the game, if you know anyone who is a persona 4 fan, hope you'll let them know about it. ^_^

That's not the only 3rd party news we've got! As we have a lull in first party releases, we're clearing the boards as it were on 3rd party books that have been clamoring for a release spot (we just don't shove things out the door cause we don't want to overwhelm the fans with too much stuff).

The Persona 4 book was first up cause it was the easiest to finish. Next up is something of a PalClassics project, an Evangelion book with the ever so modest title of:


Hehehe. Cover for that is up on our 'future books' page. Check it out!

It's incredibly important to expand and maintain the signups for the Defender's page. It's the key to surviving the economically turbulent times and keeping Ranma hentai coming out for as long as you guys will stick with us. I know it may seem like a lot, but we can't keep going the way we used to, we'd go out of business, and soon.

That's why we put in the sliding scale, so there IS a bargain in there to be had if you stick with us. At the 4-month sign up each month is actually cheaper than our books ever were.

So I hope everyone will check out the new Tour and please support us if you can!

Defender's Page:

New Expanded tour of both current and future content! Access on sidebar or main page.

Third Party Books:

New book! Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4: Margaret's Request!
Available now on Deep Star Books.

Future Books:

New Evangelion book announce! Beer! BEER!! GLORIOUS BEER!!!
Cover up on future books page.


Rat Bastard Gallery: Quite a lot! 12 new stills and 1 short animation loop. That's like triple the size it was before.

General Galleries:

  • Group: 1 new pic.
  • Nabiki: 1 new pic.
  • Shampoo: 5 new pics.
  • Ranma-chan: 20 new pics.

Got a note on the Ranma-chan pics. Several of them are 3D CGI of a hair-down Ranma-chan with several characters that are clearly NOT from theRanmaverse. Those images are part of a fanfic universe that someone is writing where Ranma-chan is a character. The guy making it sent them in to me directly and assured me it was meant to be Ranma-chan, so I'm posting them for that reason.

Artist Galleries

  • Anime1979: 1 new pic.
  • Bake Neko Girl: 9 new pics (6 more on "initiations", and 3 new ones on a new series "In Search of Privacy")
  • Darkone: 3 new pics.
  • KJ: 4 new pics.
    A note on the KJ pics, 3 of them are variants on a Ranma-chan pregnant fanworks project that's in the works. Not sure how far along that is or when if ever it'll be ready to show for the public but we're peripherally involved with the artists making it, and hopefully there will be more to see of it down the line.
  • Lostgirl: 2 new pics.
  • Zyvaman: 20 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support! Each and every one of you is very important to us. :D


Update 06.13.2009

Hi everyone!

This is kind of an odd day for an update but here it is! New book! A new third party book, based on the popular RPG video game Persona 4, titled Margaret's Request!

Montage on the main page, available now on Deep Star Books!

And just generally I hope everyone won't forget about Deep Star Books in the focus on the defender's page. We have a huge catalogue of awesome back titles that everyone should remember. Back catalogue sales have been positively dismal the past month or so, so don't forget about them!

In Defender's news the promised super spiffy Defender Special image is up! This month it's a high resolution set based on our logo that everyone wanted to see big and beautiful, but we've got more of RC in that super sexy armor, which will be coming along next month and beyond! ^_^

It's a new section on the navbar in the Defender's Page, "Defender Specials", just to make sure you don't miss it. ^_^

Thanks for your support and enjoy! :D


Update 06.08.2009

Hi everyone! ^_^

Well a big week for us here at RHB. At the end of this week we'll be closing out our first month of the RHB defenders page. I hope everyone's been having a good time!

For most of the week we'll be pressing on with our normal pattern, Better Angels on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Purple on thursday.

On Friday though, we've got a real treat for you guys! A special image in theme with our Defender's logo. You guys remember how smoking hot that turned out, and we've got another gem like it exclusive for defenders! Look for it on the 12th. ^_^

In other news we're going to have a sexy little third party book on Deep Star Books this month, based on the japanese RPG game Persona 4. We didn't have time to prep a preview of it last month cause we were so intensely focused on the Defender's page launch, but wanted to toss out a quick heads up for fans of the game, so you're not taken by surprise when it shows up next week. ^_^

I'm also busy preparing an expanded preview of the Defender's page. Now that we've been going a month, we've got piles more to show. And even more goodies coming down the pipe for the future. Will have that for everyone on the 15th.

Well that's what's up with the RHB this week.

Thank you to everyone for your support so far and I hope more of our fans will be joining the defender's page as we build up piles more goodies to share! ^_^


Update 06.01.2009


Our steamy hot summer is really under way now! ^_^

This week on Defenders once again, a page of Better Angels each monday, tuesday, wednesday, and Purple on thursday and friday.

We've got a comment and discussion thread going on our message board for BA & Purple. I hope everyone will stop by and weigh in their thoughts on how we're doing!


Update 05.25.2009

Happy Memorial Day everyone! ^_^

To celebrate the holiday on the RHB Defenders page we're having a double update! TWO new pages of Better Angels up today. Continuing through the week, another new page tuesday, wednesday, and Purple on Thursday and Friday.

We hope everyone has been enjoying it so far! Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the Defender's page or the books being posted on the forums. We love to hear what you're thinking! ^_^


Update 05.18.2009

Happy monday everyone!

We're rolling now on every weekday updates on the defenders page! I'm not going to post an update every day, but just do one for the week.

This week on RHB defenders page, new pages on Better Angels Monday (that first one is already up), Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday we'll have two more high end Shampoo pinups from Purple!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting our new approach. The RHB Defenders page content will just grow and grow with each week! :D


Update 05.15.2009


Our brand new big super duper mega huge important deal is up and running!


It's our new approach to releasing our books. New Ranma hentai, EVERY WEEKDAY!

Full details on the Defenders FAQ page, so read all about it there and I hope you'll support us!

I'll tell you straight up guys, we've not had a book so much as break even in six months. For everyone out there that loves our work and wishes it to continue, we really need you to support this new approach.

It MUST succeed...or we may be sunk. So I hope you're all with us! ^_^

There's lots there to embrace! Right out of the gate we have SIXTY pages of books there. Two entire classic issues from our catalogue and two new books actively releasing there, the long awaited Sulca masterpiece: "Better Angels!" And our new Shampoo pinup book: "Purple!"

That's right, first time ever, we have TWO BOOKS going at the same time. Something for everyone we hope! ^_^

The first two pages each of BA and Purple are available now, and we'll be updating one or the other each weekday till they're done. ^_^

OK on with the regular update!

General Galleries:

  • Group: 2 new pics.
  • Kasumi: 1 new pic.
  • Ranma: 11 new pics. (had to add a 10th page)
  • Shampoo: 3 new pics
  • Ukyo: 1 new pic.

Artist Galleries:

  • Anime1979: 7 new pics.
  • DarkOne: 3 new pics.
  • KJ: 2 new pics.
  • Lost Girl: 1 new pic.

Thanks for reading and for your support! If you guys will stick with us we can keep on making great new Ranma hentai for you well into the future! ^_^


Update 04.15.2009

Hi everyone!

Another month rushed by in a blink. As I said last month, no primary book release in April. Which for a change means I'm actually getting the site update done ON the 15th, instead of being so wiped out from finishing a new book that I need like 3 days rest before I can stand to update. ^^;

But we are not idle! No no, working super hard. We've got big deal stuff in the works, a new approach for our work that will hopefully allow us to stay viable far into the future.

With the support of all you great guys (and a few gals I'm sure) out there, of course. :D

But none of that is ready just yet. I'll keep all of you informed as things develop. Hopefully we'll have something ready to show in May and we can get the summer started in a super sexy way! :D

Stay tuned!

Oh yeah in general site news our newsletter is broken. We can't send it out and new people can't sign up for it. -_-

Working on getting that fixed. Bleh.

Now on with the regular update. ^_^


WOO! Been ages since I've had anything for this section, but BCD RETURNS! And returns with a psycho vengeance. He hit me with his biggest image set ever by far.

House Party 2, a totally insane 181 images! So big I had to split it into two zips. Up on BCD's gallery in the Ranma 3D section.

General Galleries:

  • Akane: 2 new pics.
  • Group: 3 new pics.
  • Kasumi: 1 new pic.
  • Kodachi: 1 new pic.
  • Ranma: 9 new pics.
  • Shampoo: 2 new pics (the first of these, by MegaPhilX, is a real gem. One of the most vibrant Shampoo shots I've ever seen).

Artist Galleries:

  • Anonymous: 1 new pic.
  • DarkOne: 3 new pics.
  • KJ: 3 new pics.
  • Pal Comix: 1 new pic (this pic is a cropped ad shot of a larger image available on Pal Comix's benefit CD).

Thanks for reading and for your support!

Enjoy! ^_^


Update 03.15.2009

:::Addendum to update of 15:::


I really need to stop even pretending I'm going to update general pictures on a book launch day. I'm ALWAYS totally wiped out getting a book done, and never feel like it.

Anyway carrying on, list below updated:

Hi everyone!

Well...what's up. It's been an anemic month here at the RHB. Sales continue to be weak, costs aren't going down anytime soon, and we're chewing our fingernails. Rivals and Learning the Hard Way are both looking to take 4-6 months just to make their money back. :(

No great surprise of course, the economy is still in the toilet and we're all suffering it together. Just keeping you guys informed how the sorry state of everything is affecting the future of Ranma hentai. -_-;

Despite all that, we got the march book done. Was quite a trial to get it finished, pulled some 16 hour days in there at the end to fine tune it to perfection in time for launch.

There will however be no Ranma release in April. Might not even be one for May. We've got to take a hiatus for a bit, build some new sets, let our meager sales build up over time so we don't go under.

We're also considering every possible approach to keep ourselves viable and hot new Ranma hentai coming out for as long as you guys stick with us. We may have to retool our business model, change how we do things, and the hiatus will help us catch our breath long enough to figure things out.

I'll do my very best to keep everyone updated on what's up on the list here. :)

But in happier news, as I said, NEW BOOK IS READY!

This is a wild one. One of the zaniest, funniest books we've ever made. Gotta wonder what we were smoking when we wrote it, except we don't smoke. ^^;

The book is:

Cheating Hearts!

This book marks the debut of "Pal Comix Team 2", a new artist within the Pal Comix group that is doing his first book for us. We really like his style, expressive, energetic, full of humor and lightness in a way that's not really been present in our work before.

We've very enthusiastic about it and we hope everyone loves it as much as we do.

That said, it IS his first project with us, and to help introduce him to all of you we're hedging our bets a smidge. Cheating Hearts is a VERY long book, 45 pages! It's longer than Rivals was last month, but we're going to trim the cost back $3 to our old (and largely no longer viable) price of $19.95, to help encourage everyone to give him a chance and introduce everyone to the new style.

So give him a chance! The book is great fun. :D :D :D

Also in original book news, New Book Announcement! Later in the year, at some point to be determined by our shaky finances, comes at long last my 2-part Ranma-chan epic:

For Love of a Girl-Side!

Lot of people have been wanting more of the buxom red-headed goddess, and it's on the way! Cover for part 1 is up on the "Future Projects" page. ^_^

Original Books:

New Book released: Cheating Hearts

Future Book announcement: For Love of a Girl-Side: Part 1

General Galleries:

Akane: 2 new pics. Group: 1 new pic. Ranma: 23 new pics. Shampoo: 1 new pic. Ukyo: 1 new pic.

Artist Galleries:

Anonymous: 1 new pic. Bake Neko Girl: 4 new pics. BigMansini: 1 new pic. DarkOne: 3 new pics. KJ: 2 new pics.

Got a special note about KJ. KJ's website has apparently changed, added a member's only section. As usual with KJ there's a lot of guesswork involved as I can't understand a word on his website, but from what I've gathered from other people, he doesn't want his future work from this members section to be posted off his own site.

We will of course be respecting his wishes, so future pics from KJ here will be few, if any. Just whatever he seems interested in sharing publically.

By the same token if I do happen to post a pic that was supposed to be for his member's only section, please someone tell me so I can remove it. People send me a lot of pics out of the blue and as I do not myself have access to KJ's member's section. I can't check it against that to make sure it's clear, and I can't ask him cause I can't read japanese.

P-chan 9000: 1 new pic. Retro Raul: 3 new pics.

Thanks for reading and for your support!


Update 02.19.2009

:::alrighty finally a delayed addendum to the update of the 15th, sorry it took so long! Site updating has never been my favorite activity, and I was extra crispy fried after working so hard to get Rivals done:::

Hi everyone!

I wish I could open with better news. The RHB is not in good shape right now. Sales from December to January dropped by HALF. Art costs are up, the economy is in the toilet, and we're getting hammered too.

Our once meager-but-consistent margin of survival is down to merely meager. -_-

Our major release from December, Learning the Hard Way, has been underperforming despite our dear love of it. We still think it's the finest art we had in all of 2008. But in hopes of revitalizing the book we're dropping the price $5 this month, likely to become permanent if it sells OK.

We really need it to to fund completion of our march book, which might not even make it for March if the downward trend continues.

We're hoping everyone will stick with us heading into our major production period of the year and support us! Both in purchases and by not sharing our books. Piracy has really been bad lately, and it is frankly killing us slowly. Or even not so slowly. Anyone out there that thinks piracy isn't hurting us is...really wrong.

So please, be kind.

On a brighter note...NEW BOOKS!

WOO! Well it's been a while since the purple wonder graced us with her miles of hair, but SHAMPOO IS BACK!

Our first full on, top shelf, first party production of the year is ready!

The book is RIVALS! Available now on the original books page.

Also have an announcement for next month! A new book and a new artist! Known in rather unexciting fashion as: Pal Comix Team 2. It's a new artist within the Pal Comix team, and he's got a great style. Vibrant, expressive, funny, and hot!

Cover to his first book is up in our future books page, called Cheating Hearts! Aiming for March, again assuming February improves on what could only be called a dismal january. -_-

General Galleries:

Akane: 2 new pics. Nabiki: 3 new pics. Ranma: 12 new pics. Shampoo: 2 new pics. Ukyo: 1 new pic.

Artist Galleries:

DarkOne: 4 new pics. KJ: 12 new pics.

New Artist Added

Bake Neko Girl: 35 pics!

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Update 01.18.2009

This is a revised and updated update list from the 15th, since it took me so long to actually get it done. -_-

Hi everyone!!!

Everyone have a good holiday break? Hope so! ^_^

Here we go starting our 2009 slate of titles. Our big first party books are still under construction so we're opening the year with a fun and sex loaded third party book, All Star Hentai 2!

Art by the amazing SULCA, artist behind Keeping It Clean.

Picking up right where the first one left off, Rei and Asuka from Evangelion join the porn movie cast! This one is pretty wall to wall on the nookie. >:D

ALSO! In part 1 of All Star Hentai we capped the book with a super amazing pinup from the artist Reiq, of JigglyGirls.com fame. This book has THREE pinups from him!

The book is up and available now in the third party books section, so I hope everyone will check it out!

In other original book news, got a big new first party announcement! In our future books page, another whopper from Pal Comix is on the near horizon.

Shampoo and Akane have always butted heads over Ranma, but now they're going to have it out! Ranma is the prize in the sexiest, weirdest competition between two rivals ever!

RIVALS is the book, and the cover is up now in our Future Books section. If all goes to plan we'll have it ready for February launch! ^_^

Original Books:

Third Party Book Released: All Star Hentai 2! Future Book Announced: Rivals!

General Galleries:

Akane: 4 new pics. Group: 5 new pics. Ranma: 16 new pics (added a page 9). Shampoo: 3 new pics. Ukyo: 1 new pic.

Artist Galleries:

Bader: 12 new pics (7 years on the site and the first time ever updated!)

CG Box: 5 new pics.

Darkone: 4 new pics.

KJ: 12 new pics. (6 KJ originals and 6 more truly gorgeous colorizations by Amai26)

Thanks for reading and for your support!


Update 01.01.2009


Just a note to let you know our sale has now ended. I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and thank you so much for your support!

We hope you'll continue to visit as we have lots of great new stuff planned for 2009! We're hard at working dreaming naughty Ranma thoughts to bring them to you! ^_-

Even though our sale has ended a few prices on some of oldest works are going to remain permanently discounted. Shanghaied and the Out of Character Trilogy are both going to stay where they are and become permanently cheaper.

Stay tuned! :D


Update 12.15.2008

Hello everyone! ^_^

Welcome to our new site!

Whew. I wasn't sure we'd ever get it ready. Been working on it for MONTHS! I'm kind of a crap web designer anyway and there was so much to fix and change to even complete this halfway-there new site (a more radically original site is on the docket for next year).


Wow. So much to go over.

The three big things to cover are:

  1. Why did we move to a new site?
  2. What has changed?
  3. And we're still having a HUGE BOOK SALE!

Don't forget the sale! It's continuing throughout december. Almost the entire catalogue is 20-50% off. More details on the sale are down at the bottom of the update list. ^_^

The why we've moved I already wrote up in detail, so I won't repeat all that here. You can find our reasoning on the side bar under "New Site Notice".

If you didn't read it on our old site, you can still read it there. I know I can ramble on sometimes but I really did try to be as concise as possible in explaining what's up with the new site.

So I hope anyone who skipped it on the old site will give it a chance now and read it. It's really very important.

Alrighty now for what's changed. Which is much more the domain of the mighty update list! ^_^

Quite a lot has changed. But before I get into all the nitty gritty details, let's first pause for the jewel in the crown of our new site launch...


And not just any book. A real gem. Possibly our favorite book all year, it's so much sexy fun. Our homage to the mighty MILF!

Learning the Hard Way!

Starring Nodoka Saotome, Ryoga Hibiki, and guest appearance by Akari Unryo (Ryoga's pig-loving girlfriend from later in the manga).

The book is complete and available now in our Original Books section. ^_^

Also we have some future books to announce! In our future books section we have two new titles.

All Star Hentai 2: Starring the girls of Evangelion, Asuka and Rei!

And an upcoming top shelf, A+ Ranma book from SULCA, the Artist behind Keeping It Clean, called "Better Angels"!

Covers for both books up now in our future books page. ^_^

Alrighty, now to the nitty gritty details of what's changed everyone else on the site.

Original Books:

New Book Released: Learning the Hard Way!

Future Books announced: All Star Hentai 2, and Better Angels!

Also, a quick clean-up note on a classic book.

On the Shangahied book page, in the Book preview section, is a revised page 10 of that book. We were never happy with the final panel, so we went back and got Pal Comix to fix it.

Rather than try to track down everyone who ever bought the book to get the whole deal again, just putting that one page up free for all. ^_^

The Hentai Zone

We remain committed to bringing back The Hentai Zone. It's not been easy, our donation drive has not done that well, and sales of the color version of chapter 1 were, to put it politely, pathetic.

Despite this, mainly due to the very generous donations of our most passionate fans, we'e scraped together enough for chapter 3. Which will begin production soon and hopefully return no later than the middle of 2009. Beyond chapter 3 though, not sure. We'll need to think of something else.

HOWEVER! That is not the only news for The Hentai Zone. Because we're ending our funding drive for THZ, we're also releasing the full color finished book edition of Chapter 1 FREE on the site.

The Hentai Zone pages for chapter 1 have now been swapped out for the full color finished version. So check 'em out! :D :D :D


Got a new contributor for Ranma 3D!

Another fan I shared my 3D models with, and has done some very nifty stuff with them.

I've made a new link on the sidebar of Ranma3D for his work, the "Rat Bastard Gallery" (don't look at me, that's the name he picked! ^^;;;)

General Galleries:

Ah, General Galleries.

These have changed a great deal. We have a new policy that no copyrighted material can be posted on the site. Ranma anime screencaps, edits thereof, manga scans, edits thereof, interior pages of commercial dojinshi, all had to be removed.

I also took the opportunity of trimming down the galleries to also eject a lot of pictures I felt just weren't that good either, which actually amounted to even more pictures removed than the new copyright rules. ^^;

So the galleries are all about half the size they used to be. But what remains is the best work that we're allowed to still host.

Related to that, if I've missed anything. If any artist out there sees any pictures of thiers remaining on our gallery that you do not wish to have here, please contact us, we will remove them immediately.

  • Akane: 19 new pics.
  • Kasumi: 1 new pic.
  • Nabiki: 2 new pics.
  • Ranma-chan: 40 new pics.
  • Shampoo: 7 new pics.
  • Ukyo: 2 new pics.
  • Group: 11 new pics.

Artist Galleries:

Artist galleries have changed some as well. We no longer have an 'edited' section. Edits are very problematic from a copyright standpoint, so most of those galleries, sadly, had to be dropped. We salvaged a couple of them and they have now been fused into a single Artist Galleries section.

We still welcome all fanartists out there to submit their Ranma hentai art, and we would be delighted to help bring them to the wider world of Ranma hentai fans to enjoy. ^_^

  • Dark One: 2 new pics.
  • KJ: 2 new pics.
  • Mao: 1 new pic.
  • Michael Teh: 1 new pic.
  • Retro Raul: 4 new pics.
  • Waldschrat: 2 new pics.

OK, last up, as I promised way up at the top, we are having a huge book sale throughout december! We had a partial update on the old site on December 1st to announce the sale, but I know a lot of people don't stop by till our normal update day of the 15th, so I'm repeating the sale info here so everyone can get it:

:::Sale Info:::


Happy December everyone and welcome to christmas season!

We here at the RHG know that the economy is kind of in the toilet right now, and our books can be kind of pricey, victims of the sky high production costs to get them made.

But we're trying to make it easier on our fans who want to get our work but are having trouble finding the bucks.

SO! For the ENTIRE month of December, we're having a pretty radical sale. Even more so than last year.

We're putting nearly the entire catalogue on sale. 20-50% off!

Black Rose of Furinkan shall be $5 off per part ($10 savings combined)

All books older than BRF in the $19.95-24.95 range shall be a mere $14.95! Even epics like Ranma Christmas Story and I Dream of Akane will be knocked down to $14.95, a savings of 40%!

Shanghaied and Private Tutor Hinako, as two of our oldest $20 books, shall be cut in half to $9.95! 50% off!

And our oldest $9.95 books will be down to a mere $7.95.

Thanks for reading everyone! Thanks for your support!

Happy Holidays and welcome to our new home! ^_^


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