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Ranma 3D

Fan Request #01: Nabiki & Ranma-chan in the Bath

Message Board request by: BCD
Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 7:28 pm

I wouldn't mind seeing something like Ranchan accidently walks in on Nabiki while she is using a toy. Nabiki (not being really embarassed) would show the curious Ranchan how to use it.

Nabiki slips away to the bath with her favorite toy for some not-so-quiet time.

Practicing her Deep Throat technique! Whoa! O_O (animation loop)

Here we go!

Getting Busy! (animation loops)


Join me Ranma!

No way!

You're talking to Nabiki! "No" doesn't mean much to her.

Teaching the newbie! (animation loop)

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