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I Dream of Ranma-chan

Preview & Book Details

This epic comic fulfills a long-held fantasy of many of our fans. Based on our classic book I Dream of Akane, Ranma is turned into a genie by a magic video game and is forced to serve a perverted master who has some naughty wishes in mind!

I Dream of Ranma-chan is part whacky video game adventure, part magical girl comedy, part cosplay treasure, but it's ALL hotter than the Sahara Desert!

Samples Below!

And the game world Genie-chan is only the first half of the adventure! Things get truly magical when Genie-chan rips through the confines of the game world space, bursting from the computer into the real world! She's about to get up close and personal with her 'Master'! I Dream of Ranma-chan gets a big upgrade to full premiere comic quality!

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