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Ranma Hentai Books Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of the Ranma Hentai Books website?

A. The Ranma series is now getting very long in the tooth, 30+ years, which sadly means hentai content for it is becoming extremely rare. The Ranma Hentai Books website is a subscription service created to ensure that new Ranma hentai will continue to be made for many years to come.

Q. Why do you ask people to pay for a subscription to Ranma Hentai Books?

A. There is new exclusive Ranma Hentai art created here every week, which requires our artists to work full-time drawing the hentai you want to see. Since everybody needs to have their basic needs met (food, clothes, shelter, manga etc.) we ask that members of Ranma Hentai Books contribute a small fee to help pay these wonderfully depraved artists for their time. It’s your financial support that makes new Ranma Hentai art possible!

*We create and release new Ranma hentai art based on the current level of monthly support Ranmabooks.com receives from subscriptions, commissions, and donations. If that level of support goes up, the number of updates can go up!

Q. What makes Ranma Hentai Books different from other paysites?

A. The most important difference is this: we are a non-profit organization. All funds we raise are used to create new Ranma hentai content. The more members we have, the better our art and website will be! This is our promise to Ranma Hentai fans!

Our community can view the RHB’s current level of support by visiting the “State of Ranmabooks.com” support page, available to all members. This will give you a picture of how the website is doing and how close we are to achieving the next milestone goal- which are aimed at improving the quality and quantity of our art updates! ^_^

Q. If Ranma Hentai Books doesn’t make any profit, why do this at all?

A. Because we are Ranma hentai fans just like you! We are not in this for the money (for which honestly there is little to speak of). In fact, ONLY the artists that draw your hentai get a salary. Other RHB members such as Deep Star and LurkerFromBelow, for example, are unpaid volunteers. They devote dozens of hours each week because they love Ranma hentai and want to see more! So if you share our passion, please join and help us make more Ranma hentai.

Q. What type of content is currently featured on the Ranma Hentai Books site?

A. Each week we release new Ranma Hentai content which may include a pinup set or comic page. All recent art can be seen in thumbnail form in our “News” section (just click on the button in the menu above). No “wondering what you’ll get”, we show everyone a preview so there’s full transparency.

If you’d like to see some of the great art we’ve made in the more distant past, please click on the “Tour” button which goes into detail about completed projects such as comics.

Q. Why did the RHB change its financial model to a membership site in 2009?

A. The short answer is: we had no choice. The economy took a nasty nosedive in the Fall of 2008. Sales on Deep Star Books declined to the point where we could no longer sustain production. A tough choice needed to be made before it was too late.

We recognized that we still had a lot of fans, so we decided to take a big chance and alter the way we release our comics.

By switching to a membership model we were able to fix costs, release Ranma hentai on a regular basis, and offer new discounts to the loyal fans who supported us every month. The system was fair for us, but fair for our supporters as well. 🙂

Q. Will RHB comics still be released on Deep Star Books?

A. Deep Star Books has closed. Many of those books are now available within Ranmabooks.com. The few which aren’t available yet can be received by making a donation to support us. Contact the webmaster for more details. ^_^

Q. What are the benefits of subscribing to Ranma Hentai Books?

A. There are lots of benefits, for us and for you!

First and foremost, there is new Ranma hentai EVERY WEEK! No more waiting a month or two before seeing the next content update like on Deep Star Books! You now get to see each page as soon as it’s completed.

Also we can finally offer a price cut to the true loyal fans out there that stick with us month after month. Longer subscription plans are discounted anywhere from 10 to 30 percent! You get to choose the subscription plan that best fits your budget.

Perhaps best of all, personal Ranma art requests are available for no additional cost if you’re willing to wait for a turn (requires Paladin membership tier or higher). If you’d like to get your Ranma art idea made much sooner, than commissions are also available for a donation! We truly draw the art YOU want to see! How cool is that?

Q. Will all future comics be released on the Ranma Hentai Books site?

A. Yes. While completed Ranma Hentai Books comics will eventually appear on Deep Star Books, our comics are released on Ranma Hentai Books first. Additionally, all of the pinups we make (such as Fan Requests and Specials) are exclusive to the RHB.

UPDATE: With the closing of Deep Star Books, our Ranma comics are not officially available for purchase anywhere else on the web. If you want to read them, please make a donation or sign up so we can keep making more Ranma hentai!

Q. Can I buy a membership to the Ranma Hentai Books elsewhere?

A. No. Membership to the Ranma Hentai Books site is offered through our aMember software, and subscriptions processed by a secure 3rd party provider, Authorize.net.

The reason we chose to partner with a billing merchant is that some people were uncomfortable with us personally handling the transactions. Although Deep Star Books is Verisign safe and SSL secure, we respect that some of our fans prefer to use a third party to complete transactions so that their credit card information remains private.

Authorize.net is a respected billing service and, like PayPal, will keep your credit card information secure and confidential. They take a hefty commission for their service, but we think they are well worth it.

For those fans who still request PayPal as a payment option, my answer is, whenever they decide to allow sales of adult digital content. We would use them if we could. For now, it is impossible and illegal to use their service. So please consider using Authorize.net on our secure checkout page. If you can’t sign up for any reasons, please contact us by email. Just click on the “contact” button in the menu, we’ll get back to you within 2 business days. Alternatively, you can contact a team member at any of the email addresses listed on the “About US” page, also in the above menu.

Q. Will Third Party Comics be released on Ranma Hentai Books like Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball?

A. The Ranma Hentai Books site is dedicated to Ranma and ONLY Ranma comics.

We prefer to keep the entire Ranma Hentai Books website 100 percent Ranma-centric.

UPDATE: With the closure of Deep Star Books, any 3rd party comic like Cowboy Bebop can be obtained for a donation to support our Ranma projects. Please contact us for more information.

Q. What are the requirements to commission Ranma art from you guys?

A. The request we get the most often is this one: can I commission something from the RHB? During the Deep Star Books era, we were too busy with our own projects to consider it, but finally, I can give you a different answer- YES!!!

One of the special rewards that members of the Ranma Hentai Books site get is the ability to commission art from us! There are some conditions though. First, you MUST be a member of the Paladin tier or higher. Squires and Defenders can’t make art requests. Defenders can commission for a fee. Commissions are intended only for fans who have supported the Ranma Hentai Books program for some time and have shown a strong commitment to our community.

For those interested in using the commission service, please note that because demand is strong there is a waiting list. Members of the highest tiers enjoy the highest commission priority (Comic Lord the highest, then Champion, then Paladin, and finally Defender). Note that once your commission starts, it will NOT be put on hold. So even if a Champion makes a request after your commission starts, your place in line is safe. So please don’t worry about making commissions if you’re only a member of the Defender tier. You may have the lowest commission priority, but we’re working on commissions constantly and we will give it our best once it’s your turn. We look forward to drawing your ideas!

Q. What if I lose my comics that I have downloaded from the Ranma Hentai Books site? Are they gone forever?

A. Comics are ALWAYS available for download on the Ranma Hentai Books site, 24/7.

For fans who have requested replacement comics in the past (due to hard drive crashes etc) know that it can take several days or a week before we verify your purchase on the DSB and replace your comic.

With the Ranma Hentai Books site the comics are always there – on demand!

Q. Do you plan on expanding the number of updates per week in the future?

A. If Ranmabooks were to grow its membership in the future, more art will be created and released! All donations will always go towards the creation of new Ranma Hentai art without exception.

Q. I’m having problems logging in or signing up! What do I do?

A. Please contact Ranma Hentai Books webmaster Deep Star by pressing the “contact” button on the menu. We’ll help you out ASAP! You can also contact any team member using their email address listed in the ABOUT US page, also located in the above menu. Remember, our staff is volunteer, so it may take up to 48 hours to receive a response, but we try to be a good deal faster than that.

Q. How much does it cost to subscribe to Ranma Hentai Books?

A. Subscription plan prices vary depending on the length and tier.

Here are the current prices below:

  • 1 month plan: 24.95-34.95 USD depending on tier selected.
  • 3 month plan: 17.95-29.95 USD per month depending on tier selected. (More information on tiers can be found in the next section.)

As you can see, the longer your subscription plan, the more you save! RHB members who select the four month plan save about 30 percent!

And if you want to avoid automatic renewals, there is also a one month Squire Trial Account option if you are on the fence about a long term subscription. That way if you try out our service, and decide it’s not for you, there’s no hassle! Simply let your trial account expire by doing nothing at all.

Frankly, we loathe websites that make it hard to cancel just so they can sponge extra money if you forget. We don’t want to take your money through underhanded means, we want you to help support Ranma Hentai Books by choice! We’re proud of art, our community, and think we’re worth it. Hopefully you’ll feel the same way and stay!

Q. Please explain the different subscription tiers of the RHB. What are the costs and benefits of choosing a higher tier?

A. The different tiers are:

Tier 1: Squire

As the name implies, this tier is for newbies who want to try out our website!

Price: $24.95. This is a one-time charge and the subscription will NOT renew!


  • Access to all our Ranma art.
  • A trial account ideal for newbies who aren’t sure about making a commitment to the RHB yet.


  • Does not qualify for Turn-based Fan Requests.
  • Can’t commission art.

Tier 2: Defender

Price: $24.95 per month ($17.95 if you sign up for 3 months!). This subscription WILL renew until canceled. Canceling is easy though, and hassle free should you choose to do that.


  • Access to all our Ranma art.
  • Loyalty Discount for longer subscription periods.
  • Does not qualify for Turn-based Fan Requests.
  • Can commission art for an appropriate fee.
  • A special “Defender” forum rank that will be displayed whenever you comment on website images or on the forum!

Tier 3: Paladin

Price: $29.95 per month ($24.95 per month if you sign-up for 3 months). This subscription WILL renew until canceled.


  • Access to all our Ranma art.
  • Fan Requests that feature up to THREE Ranma characters.
  • Higher Commission priority than the Defender tier.
  • A special “Paladin” forum rank that will be displayed whenever you comment on website images or on the forum! This rank will allow you to make Premium Fan Requests and shall proudly display to the community that you have chosen to give extra support to the RHB.

Tier 4: Champion

Price: $34.95 per month ($29.95 per month if you sign-up for 3 months). This subscription WILL renew until canceled.


  • Access to all our Ranma art.
  • Fan Requests that allow up to THREE Ranma characters.
  • Fan Requests that allow crossover characters from another anime. For example, you could request a pinup with Belldandy from OMG! and Ryoga! Or a three-way between Akane, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury! ^_^
  • Crossover Fan Requests with three characters MUST feature at least one female Ranma character involved in the action. This is to ensure the crossover request will have something that appeals to the majority of the RHB audience.
  • Highest Commission priority. You can’t be placed on the wait list, but other Champion commissions we received before yours will be produced first as well as any commissions already in production.
  • A special “Champion” forum rank that will be displayed whenever you comment on website images or on the forum! This is proof you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty in your support of the RHB!

Q. How do I cancel my membership if I change my mind?

A. Awwww, we hope you’ll stay! But if you do want to cancel just sign in to your account, select the payment history tab, and check cancel. It’s easy and hassle free!

Q. How do I become a member of Ranma Hentai Books?

A. On the menu above, you should see a button that says “JOIN” on the far left side of the screen. If you can’t sign up for some reason, please email us using the “Contact” button and we’ll help you sign up!

Or you can just click on the banner below!