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A new Remastered Comic is now LIVE in the galleries and can be viewed, rated, and commented on with the link below.

Shampoo and Akane have always butted heads over Ranma, but now they’re determined to settle things once and for all! Ranma is the prize in the sexiest, zaniest competition between two rivals ever!

Rivals is the sequel to our 2007 comic “Midnight Movie Mayhem“. The action picks up several weeks after the end of the first comic. For newcomers, you do not need to have read MMM to enjoy Rivals, but you might gain some insight into the story if you choose to check it out.

Remastering notes: New backgrounds in some scenes. New edit of all dialog during the contests (the original script was a bit rushed). Some cleanup of poor art effects and inking throughout the book. Overall, this is the best quality version we could release based on the original masters. Please enjoy!

Rivals Remastered Edition