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Hey gang! As readers following each post are aware, we had a pretty rough June. Lots of sick folks (myself, Deep Star, included). This cost us about 2 weeks of production and this has sadly impacted My Teacher is My Princess (MTP).

I can confirm that we have page 12 drawn, but right now we feel that it could better and we prefer to take more time so that it will be better. Rushing content out and having it compromised because RHB team members got sick, just for the sake of having content posted, it’s the wrong mentality. If we go that way, we’ll just leave everyone disappointed.

Know that the team is healthy again. We’re working hard to get the good stuff to our community in the near future. Yeah, it’ll take more time. Yet when we do post it, the art will reflect the passion and pride we have for these projects and this community. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and support as we march toward MTP’s next chapter.