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Notice: My Teacher is My Princess (MTP) production has been slower than we would like. Our target goal has been one page a week, but we’ve found ourselves constantly reworking and refining the art layouts on this project. It’s important to us that every page satisfies, yet that quality comes at the cost of time. The slow pace of MTP releases has been frustrating for us too, but be assured we’re not idle with art production. Taking the place of this week’s MTP art will be a new, standalone comic page showcasing Nodoka in all her MILFtacular glory!

Titled: Working MILF // Office Dress, Nude, Text & Clean Editions.

Nodoka trades in her kimono for a suit as our favorite MILF enters the business world- a world truly full of dirty deals. Both skilled and flexible, she plans to climb the ranks quick! 😈

Nodoka is proof that if you mix a healthy body with business, both will thrive!

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