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Announcement: Hey gang! We’ve been working hard on My Teacher is My Princess, but with Easter being early this year, we felt it was best to finish the polish next week so that our team can spend the holiday with their families. That doesn’t mean the community’s Easter basket will be empty though! We have some mouthwatering candy: a four-part pinup series starring Ranma-chan! Check the calendar to see when the rest of the series will drop. 😀

Titled: Lust Bunny Part 1 // Text, Clean & Nude Editions.

Ranma is a boy, a girl, and on this day… a bunny?! No matter what form Ranma hops into, expect hot pursuit!

NOTE: This pinup is very, very tall and doesn’t render fully in the gallery preview (part of Ranma’s legs are cut-off). Be sure to either click on the image to expand it to full-size or use the download button for an offline copy.

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