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Hey Gang!

We’ve been releasing a new 4K edition of My Teacher is My Princess (MTP) at the Ranmabooks Patreon. As per our pledge to supporters there, patrons get access to those remasters first. But now that most remastered MTP comic pages have been posted, we’ve gone ahead and updated the Ranmabooks gallery as reading the old edition while the comic is in active release would be pretty silly! Technically there’s a couple omakes which haven’t been remastered yet, but those will appear in the gallery later this week.

For those wondering about the changes, it’s true that MTP was already in UHD, but thanks to new tools we’ve made further refinements. Expect crisper background and character art along with some minor script changes (the name of the Princess had to change, but Beak found a new moniker for the character that he prefers over the original). It all adds up to the best looking version of the book yet and the rest of the pages will match or exceed the bar we set here!

So for those who haven’t found time, we strongly encourage a refresher of the story so far. Link below!

My Teacher is My Princess (Ongoing Comic)