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Announcement: Apologies for the brief delay releasing this pinup set. Some art tweaks and scheduling issues pushed it back a couple days, but that provided our team vital time for the extra TLC it needed to shine. And for those wondering about the limited art scheduled for March 2024, know that our focus is on getting My Teacher is My Princess in active release. Once that project is on track going forward, we’ll pepper pinups back in. Expect Special and Fan Request art to pop-up suddenly without much notice. This transition to comic production will only impact art scheduling for this month. April should be relatively business as usual. Thanks for the community’s patience and understanding. As always, we’re working hard to make the finished art worth the wait!

Titled: Menu Switch // Requested by RedGenma // Text, Clean, Sushi & Sketch Editions.

Nabiki offers Ukyo a deal too tasty to pass up: nyotaimori with Ranma!

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