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Shampoo is willing to do anything to get some private time with Ranma...even if she has to borrow Akane's body to do it!

Preview & Book Details

Shanghaied is 38 pages long. Our work is Full Color, Full Backgrounds, english original, and totally uncensored.
In bonus features we've got an oversize clean-art edition, which is 134 pieces long.

Story by Tasset (author of Misadventures of P-chan). Character art by Bbmbbf (of Pal Comix, also artist of MoP and Private Tutor Hinako). Editing by Deep Star. Backgrounds by SHADE.

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll choose to support our ongoing work by buying this book, and if you do, I thank you and I hope you enjoy! :D

Fan Reviews of Shanghaied

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