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Out of Character #1


click on the Tendo Gate to get a large hi-res version good for Wallpaper

Welcome to Ranma 1/2: Out of Character!

Oh WOW are you in for a treat! :D :D :D

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am to finally be able to present this page to you. It's taken 2 1/2 years (yes, YEARS) of painstaking work to create this, our masterpiece. It's been a long and rocky road to get us here. Ended up taking 3 times longer than I expected, untold thousands of hours of work, but it's finally READY!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >:D

Ranma 1/2: Out of Character, is a Ranma hentai dojinshi unlike any you have ever seen. The RHG Artist team and I have crafted what I truly feel, in my admittedly biased opinion, is one of the greatest Ranma hentai dojinshi's ever made.

OOC is a hilarious parody of all the OTHER hentai dojinshi's, making fun of their unbelievable situations and lack of plot, in a story that is fun, funny, upholds the wacky spirit of the original Ranma comic, and is of course packed to the gills with steamy sex! Hehe. :)

But why don't I let the art speak for itself? No one wants to hear me rattle on when there's steamy Ranma hentai to see, right? So let's move on to our extensive preview of Out of Character!

Out of Character Preview

Our explosive preview! Heheh. ^_-

click on the picture to get a larger hi-res version

Before we begin, a couple quick details about the OOC dojinshi and this preview.

Out of Character is a whopping 56 FULL COLOR pages long. That's 56 pages of pure art. No pages of only text, no crappy space filler, that's the length of our primary story (including the cover).

There will also be a bonus section with an amazing 178! other pieces of art. Within that huge number will be alternate versions of some art, art that got cut from the final book, practice and other special pictures, over-size editions of some of our favorite panels, storyboards and original lineart before it got colored.

But this preview focuses on our main story.

I believe so strongly in the uniqueness and quality of our creation that I feel the more that you, our visitors, know about it, the more you'll want to purchase it and support the team that created it, and more importantly the creation of even more in the future.

To further that goal, I'm making available here two different versions of the OOC preview, which will be linked and described below. For all samples in both editions, they're all saved at a medium JPG quality, and they're all 'tagged' with the Ranma OOC text, like the panel you see at the top of this page (I did that cause it's only a matter of time before people start mooching these samples and putting them on other websites). The final product for sale is saved in a crystal clear, no-loss format, straight from the digital originals, and of course all that text tagging is gone.

Version #1: The Art-Sample Only edition

This less-of-a-spoiler edition of our preview is for those who want to preserve the full experience of reading through OOC for the first time for when they have the complete edition of it. This preview is structured like a typical gallery of the RHG, and will give you a rich sampling from all across the dojinshi, adding up to perhaps 10-15% of the complete book.

If you just want to see the quality of our art to help you decide, this is the choice for you.

Version #2: The Full Preview edition

This TOTAL spoiler edition has a couple of pieces to it. This version is meant for those who want to know EXACTLY what it is they'll be getting before they buy.

The first piece of this preview is a thumbnail gallery of the entire book in order, with very small thumbnails. Just big enough to see clearly that the whole thing does in fact exist as completed art.

From the thumbnail preview you can select any page, and flip through all the pages in order, at full size. However, most of the panels have been blacked out and replaced with a detailed description of what happens in that panel. The panels that will remain fully visible will be all the same panels that are included in the Art-Sample Only edition. So this is basically the same thing, except you'll get a clear idea of what happens in between the visible panels of the preview.

OOC has been a monumental labor of love to complete, and I hope that you will enjoy this extensive preview, and doubly hope that you will choose to support our art and the creation of future issues of OOC by buying this first one. Once you have gone through this preview, the rest of the links on the sidebar will give you insight into the painstaking process that went into creating this book, and give you all the details you need to buy it.


Fan Reviews of Out of Character #1

In the months that have passed since OOC first went on sale, a number of our previous customers have been so kind as to share their thoughts on our completed work on our message board. To make those reviews easy to access for those considering purchasing a copy of their own, I've screencapped them and displayed them below. They are all still on the message board as well, for anyone caring to check. ^_^

If any of our other customers from the past would care to leave their thoughts about Out of Character on the message board, you can be sure I'll copy it over here as well. Help me to spread the word! :D :D :D

This last one is written by a member of the OOC team. I normally wouldn't include it, but he writes amusing reviews. ^_^

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