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Ukyo spends the day at the Tendo home, but her imagination is overwhelming her with lust filled fantasies of her precious Ran-chan. But when fantasy turns to steamy reality, events take a surprising turn! :D

Preview & Book Details

Dreamlover is 36 pages long. Our work is Full Color, Full Backgrounds, english original, and totally uncensored.
There is also an enormous bonus art collection of more than 190 pieces! Including storyboards, original lineart, abandoned concepts and tests, and finally an oversize clean-art edition of most of the book, so any panel you like can be enjoyed as a full screen pin-up with no text.

Lineart is by Kevin Karstens. Layout by Dunno. Story, color and backgrounds by yours truly (SHADE).

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll choose to support our ongoing work by buying this book, and if you do, I thank you and I hope you enjoy! :D

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