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Cheating Hearts

After yet another blow to the head from Akane, Ranma is unnerved when he begins seeing the Tendo women in their birthday suits everywhere he turns!

Is this newfound vision the result of Akane's repeated blunt trauma over the years finally taking its toll? Or is there some deeper reason that's driving poor Ranma to the edge of madness?

Cheating Hearts is one of the zaniest comedy stories we've ever done (and that's really saying something!). The comic also features a new Palcomix team artist in his freshmen effort. His style is very expressive and we are confident that this is the beginning of big things for him. We're very happy to have him on the team and hope you enjoy his work.

Preview & Book Details

Cheating Hearts is a whopping 45 pages long! Actually two pages longer than Rivals was. Our work is Full Color, Full Backgrounds, english original, and totally uncensored.

The bonus art for this book is the oversize clean-art edition, with each panel split out so it can be enjoyed seperately. It's a long book so all by itself that is 156 pieces of bonus art!
Character Art by: Pal Comix (Team 2). Story by: Deep Star. Backgrounds by: SHADE.

This is the first book for us by this artist. A new and expressive member of the Pal Comix team. We're quite enthusiastic about his work but as this IS his first book, despite it being 2 pages longer than Rivals, we're going to start it out $3 less, at our old (and largely no longer viable) price of $19.95. To give all our fans as much encouragement as possible to check it out and fall in love with his work as we have. :D

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll choose to support our ongoing work by buying this book, and if you do, I thank you and I hope you enjoy! :D

Fan Reviews of Cheating Hearts

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