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Ranma 1/2: Brown

The sweet cooking beauty Ukyo gets her own pinup collection! Loaded with scorching hard core shots. Just watch out for flying spatulas! ^_-

IMPORTANT NOTE: While this book is for sale on its own, it is also fully available by joining the RHB Defenders page. That is by far the better deal. However we're making it available via Deep Star Books as well for those who for whatever reason don't want to be part of Defenders. There is no difference between this and the Defenders release. If you are already a Defender, there is no need to get this, as you should already have it.

Preview & Book Details

Brown is a modest 10 pages, but also includes several bonuses and alternate versions! Because this book is essentially 1/3rd the normal length, it is also super duper cheap, 1/3 the normal price. A mere $6.95.

Our work is Full Color, Full Backgrounds, english original, and totally uncensored.

Character Art by: Pal Comix (Team 2), with two pinups included by Team Sulca. Concepts by: Deep Star. Backgrounds by: SHADE.

Fan Feedback on: "Brown"

This section would normally be for reviews of this book left on our message board by fans.

However, as Brown has been released actively through the RHB Defenders page, there has already been an extensive fan feedback and discussion thread for this book on our message board. So rather than ask for specific reviews of Brown, the link below leads directly to the discussion thread on this book, so you can see what the fans have been saying about it since day 1! :D

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Brown Discussion Thread

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