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Black Rose of Furinkan: Part 2

The rollercoaster of insanity concludes with Kodachi in the drivers seat! What unhinged adventures will she drag poor Ranma into? And what desperate measures will he employ to be free of her clutches?

Preview & Book Details

Black Rose of Furinkan (combined) is, by far, our most epic story ever, at 111 pages! This is part 2 of 2, and is a whopping 51 pages (One longer than I Dream of Akane). Our work is Full Color, Full Backgrounds, english original, and totally uncensored.

The bonus art for this book is the oversize clean-art edition we usually do. However the book is so long that that, all by itself, is 183 pieces!
Character art by Pal Comix. Story by: Deep Star. Backgrounds by: SHADE.

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll choose to support our ongoing work by buying this book, and if you do, I thank you and I hope you enjoy! :D

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