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A new Remastered Comic is now LIVE in the galleries and can be viewed, rated, and commented on with the link below.

Cheating Hearts Remastered // Cover Page (2023).

After yet another blow to the head from Akane, Ranma is unnerved when he begins seeing the Tendo women in their birthday suits everywhere he turns!

Is this newfound vision the result of Akane’s repeated blunt trauma over the years finally taking its toll? Or is there some deeper reason that’s driving poor Ranma to the edge of madness?

Remastering Notes: Numerous background, dialog and art fixes were made. Most prominently, a new cover page was created to better fit the content of the comic as the original (unpopular) version contained elements from unused ideas (such as the car). Readers interested in seeing the original cover can do so at the end of the gallery. Overall, this comic is the best quality version we could release based on the original masters. Please enjoy!

Cheating Hearts: Remastered Edition