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If you plan on adding comments to the discussion pages or perhaps creating/editing wiki pages, then it's imperative that you first read the rules of the wiki. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in a ban, so please study them carefully before contributing.


1. Flaming is not permitted. At all times, please be respectful to Ranma Hentai Wiki members and observe proper netiquette.

2. Profanity is discouraged, but allowed unless it conflicts with Rule of Conduct #1. Please do not use profanity to address other Ranma Hentai Wiki members.


1. Only Ranma Hentai is relevant to this wiki. This is not, for example, a resource to write the biography of Akane Tendo. Nor is it a place to give summaries of Ranma anime episodes. Bottom line: if it's not hentai, it doesn't belong on this wiki and will be deleted.

2. Please only upload/link media content that complies with DMCA and Fair Use policies. Links to fan-made music videos, short anime-clips, and promotional materials are acceptable. Linking to commercial full/half length anime episodes or hentai comics is not permitted.


1. Only Administrators may create and edit Ranma Hentai Books wiki pages. This policy has been enacted to prevent vandalism. For example, RHW users should not create a wiki page for Lost and Found or any page related to RHB content.

You can, however, talk about RHB wiki pages on its corresponding discussion page. (Trouble finding the discussion page? Look for a tab near the top of the webpage, towards the left hand side.)

2. Users are welcome to create entries about non-RHB Ranma hentai content. For example, a user might wish to create a wiki listing for the Mou ii desu circle. Or perhaps a user might want to create a biography page for a Ranma lemon author. Ultimately, this is a resource about all Ranma Hentai, not just content from the RHB.

3. Before creating a new wiki page, please do a search to see if a similar topic already exists. If it does, edit that relevant page instead of creating a duplicate wiki entry on the same subject.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor to the Ranma Hentai Wiki. Respect the rules and enjoy your time here! ^_^